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CC GOZO Radio Packs Mighty Punch with Tidy Footprint

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CC GOZO radio

CC GOZO radio

Photo: C. Crane

The Bottom Line

The CC GOZO radio is another hit from C. Crane which has an impeccable reputation for providing consumer-driven radio products. The CC GOZO is simple to operate and is designed to receive AM/FM or an AUX audio like an MP3 or phone. At just over $100 dollars, the CC GOZO gives you the quality of more expensive desktop radios in a size that is flexible for home, boat, or RV.


  • Intuitive to use
  • Quality audio output in a small package
  • Can be used to extend audio from MP3 player, phone
  • Retractable FM antenna improves reception
  • Battery or AC Adapter (included)


  • Made in China (this affects some consumer decisions)


  • High fidelity in a fairly small footprint
  • Good enough to be a desktop radio, can double as portable radio, emergency radio
  • Basic, rectangular design with simple knobs and no frills.
  • Receives: AM and FM. AUX input for MP3 player, phone
  • Input for headphones for personal listening
  • Suggested retail price: $109.95

Guide Review - CC GOZO Radio Packs Mighty Punch with Tidy Footprint

The newly-introduced CC GOZO radio from C. Crane gives you the high fidelity of a more expensive desktop radio packed into the smaller, more flexible package of a portable one. C.Crane says this is due to an additional "passive radiator speaker."

The CC GOZO can serve in any part of the house, boat, or RV and can double as an emergency radio. As a matter of fact, hours before I wrote this review I lost power at my home and did just that. I popped 6 double A batteries into it (it does come with an AC adapter) and used it for several hours to entertain myself while waiting for my electricity to come back. C. Crane says new alkaline batteries will last for 12 hours.

The CC GOZO is sturdy and reminds me a little bit of an older World War II field radio. The CC GOZO is the epitome of simplicity: an ON/OFF knob, A TONE knob, an AM/FM/AUX knob, and a tuning knob and dial. That's all you get and honestly: what more do you need?

On the rear there's an MP3/AUX input should you wish to plug your MP3 player or phone into it to share your music on its robust speaker. A headphone jack is also provided plus the input for the AC adapter.

The CC GOZO is only 7.25" wide x 4.5" high and 3.25" deep. It weighs 1.5 pounds, and the 2.25" speaker puts out 10 Watts, 6 Ohm.

The suggested retail price is $109.95, direct from C. Crane.

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