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The latest news about Radio including current events and issues can be found here. From individual stations, networks, online streams or air-personalities to the latest gadgets, products, or issues affecting the listening experience, you can count on hearing it here, first.
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Latest Radio News, Commentary And Issues From About.com
Here is the latest news, analysis and commentary created specifically for visitors to the Radio site at About.com including. Count on daily updates and a continual stream of information for those interested in the world of Radio from an easy to understand and sometimes amusing perspective.

The Fairness Doctrine - An Antiquated Regulation or Worth a Second Look?
For about 26 years between 1949 until 1985, Radio adhered to a government policy called The Fairness Doctrine. After it was eliminated, conservative talk radio made a stunning rise in popularity, led by Rush Limbaugh. Now, some critics are calling for The Fairness Doctrine to be brought back.

Who Will Benefit Most from the Proposed SIRIUS - XM Satellite Radio Merger
The Federal Communications Commission is considering a proposed merger of the two Satellite Radio companies which currently serve the United States. Will such a business merger help the growth of this medium and at what price to subscribers? Here are the major pros and cons of the issue.

What is Talk Radio's Role in Moving Political Agendas & Winning Elections?
According to Arbitron, 47 million listeners hear Talk Radio each week. What effect does this programming have on listeners and their decisions at the polls? Does Talk Radio move political agendas? Does Talk Radio really sway opinion? Which hosts or shows are the most influential? Which side has more power: Conservative or Liberal? Learn more about this issue: What is Talk Radio's Role in Moving Political Agendas & Winning Elections?

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