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The Man Who Tattooed His Forehead with a Radio Station Logo

Listener Thought He'd Win Big Cash Prize


David Winkelman KORB Forehead Tattoo

David Winkelman KORB Forehead Tattoo

Photo: scottcountyiowa.com
This is probably old news to anyone who lives in Davenport, Iowa but probably not to you. This is the story of David Jonathan Winkelman, the man who tattooed his forehead with a radio station's logo.

The story of his forehead tattoo has popped up again after 10 years because Winkleman was recently arrested on a misdemeanor and was processed by the law - including a mug shot.

The Smoking Gun website jumped on the story because Winkelman's forehead prominently displays a tattoo featuring a now defunct rock station from Davenport. According to The Smoking Gun:

Winkelman became a human billboard for the radio station KORB in late-2000 after a disc jockey offered listeners a six-figure payout if they tattooed the FM station's call letters and logo on their forehead. Winkelman and his stepson, Richard Goddard, went to a local tattoo parlor and each emerged with forehead ink promoting "93 Rock," the "Quad City Rocker."

When Winkleman tried to cash in his deed, the deejay defended it as a joke and station management refused to make good on the offer. Winkleman sued but the case was later dismissed. As as do most things in radio, 93 Rock eventually changed format and vanished from the landscape, leaving in its wake KQCS, Star 93.5.

It seems one of the few people who remember 93 Rock is Winkleman, who is reminded of its former glory every time he looks in the mirror.

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