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How To Get Certain Things Done In Radio

Whether it's a prize you won but can't seem to collect or a product or civic notice you're trying to get plugged on the radio, the advice here can help you get these and other task done easily and effectively.

How to Challenge a Radio Station's License Renewal
When you have a problem or disagreement with a local radio station's procedures, programming, or community involvement, you have some options provided by law. While a station's license is under review for renewal, you can file an Informal Objection or a Petition to Deny. Here's what you need to know.

How To Create An Audition MP3 Audio File For A Radio Station
If you want to get a job on the radio, you'll have to demonstrate to a Program Director how you would sound if given the chance. That's why you make a demo MP3 file to send. Here's how to do it, step-by-step.

Small Audio Victories in Faux Radio
I'm not sure the music service provided on Comcast Cable can be considered "Radio". Although, I have to admit: with 48 channels of choice, it's a music service which rivals even Satellite. But, my problem was getting this audio into my backyard and I solved it with a great little inexpensive amplifier. Read more.

A New Took in Radio Promotion: "Talk Radio for Authors"
If you've written a book and you want to promote it on radio shows - traditional ones or Internet based streams and podcasts - you might benefit from "Talk Radio for Authors" by Francine Silverman. Her 338 page book is full of useful contact and background information to help you arrange interviews. Read my review.

How Do I Find That DJ or Radio Personality I Used to Listen to?
If you have ever wanted to track down and find a favorite DJ from your childhood or a city you used to live in, it's easier than you think. There are a couple of online databases which keep information on thousands of current and former DJs. Finally: an answer to the question, "Whatever Happened to...." Read more and get links.

Promoting Something on the Radio: Should I Use a Publicist, a Database, or Somet
Are you an author looking for publicity? Have you invented a new product and you want to tell the world? Need to get a message to hundreds of talk show hosts at once? Whatever your reason, there are plenty of ways to do it. If you've got the money, a publicist is always great but, if you don't: read on.

How Do I Record Phone Calls For My Podcasts?
Podcasters and Internet webcasters who conduct phone interviews as part of their programs often need a solution for capturing the phone audio. It's not terribly hard and there are many options for landline, wireless and voip telephones. Read more.

Get Free Publicity on the Radio For Your Product, Business or Organization
Do you work for a charity organization that needs to get the word out for a fund raiser? Do you have a business with a special event coming up? Have you written a book? Get FREE publicity on Radio with a well-crafted press release. Here's how.

How Do I Make a Demo Tape?
A site visitor says people are constantly telling him he missed his calling and should be in Radio. He wants to know how to make a "demo tape". But, is that the best way to get into Radio? Read more

Break Into Radio - The Easiest Way
Getting a job in Radio is more who you know than what you know. Let your Guide tell you how it works.

How to Create An Audition Tape For A Radio Station
If you ever dreamed of working on the Radio, you must first have a demo tape to send to a Program Director. It is not that hard if you prepare, practice and plan.

How To Create Your Own Internet Radio Station
Want to create your own web-based Radio station? Here's what you need to know from simple, personal broadcasting from your PC to reaching the world. Whether your goal is profit or fun, this information will get you started on your way to online webcasting.

How To File a Complaint With The F.C.C.
Got a problem with a Radio station? Upset over programming? Mad about their content? Here's how to formally complain to the Federal Communications Commission.

How to Get Anything Plugged On The Radio
It's not who you know, it's how you do it! Whether you're trying to promote a club or service organization event, a new product or even your business, here's how to get a plug on the radio.

How To Get Booked As An Expert On Radio & Other Major Media
Want publicity on the Radio? Annie Jennings of Annie Jennings PR offers the Top 10 Tips to becoming a sought-after media expert.

How to get your band’s song on the Radio
Getting your song played on the Radio is tricky these days because most Radio stations follow very strict music playlists based on national trade magazine surveys, local research and “promotional money” paid to the station for “spins”.

How to Make Sure You Get The Prize You Won
Sometimes winning a prize from a Radio station doesn't go as smoothly as it should. Things can get mixed up. Here's how to fix that.

Make Extra Money As A Mobile DJ
Being a Mobile DJ is easier than it used to be and the pay is excellent. Plus, the software and hardware tools available today can not only make you sound good, but can make you money as well! Read more.

Recording Streaming Audio From The Internet - Method #1
If you're on the go and wish to record a particular radio program or channel, here are two ways that are free!

Recording Streaming Audio From The Internet - Method #2
This is a second method of recording streaming audio from the Internet. It involves using a free program called "Silent Bob".

Use Your VCR To Record Radio Shows
Can't stay home to listen to your favorite Radio show? Here's an easy and efficient way to record them.

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