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Commercial AM and FM Radio


Commercial AM and FM radio stations number in the thousands and still are a main source of entertainment, news, and information for millions of listeners every week. Sometimes called traditional or terrestrial radio, AM and FM still has much to offer even with the competition from Internet Radio, Satellite Radio, Cell Phone Radio, and MP3 players.
  1. HD Radio - Making AM and FM Better
  2. Famous AM and FM DJs, Personalities, and Talk Show Hosts
  3. Issues Concerning Radio
  1. History of AM and FM Radio
  2. Careers in Commercial Radio
  3. AM and FM Directories and Databases

HD Radio - Making AM and FM Better

The HD100 HD Radio Receiver from Radiosophy

HD Radio is a technology which AM and FM radio stations can integrate into their operations which makes AM signals sound closer to FM and FM signals sound closer to CD quality. There's also a "multicasting" ability which HD Radio brings to traditional radio to expand station offerings.

Famous AM and FM DJs, Personalities, and Talk Show Hosts

Don Imus, WABC-AM/New York

AM and FM Radio has produced hundreds of notable and famous names in Radio broadcasting. Learn more about these extraordinary people, read their latest news, find out more about syndicated programs and books, movies, and CDs available about their careers.

Issues Concerning Radio

Rush Limbaugh - at the Center of the Fairness Doctrine controversy

Radio is continually evolving and the intersection of growth, technology, and business contribute to creating issues which continue to be debated by both the professionals working in it as well as listeners and critics. Explore some of Radio's major issues.

History of AM and FM Radio

Alan Freed

AM and FM commercial radio has a rich history of service and entertainment and although the technology itself extends back to early last century, it still continues to provide a great service to millions of listeners. Find out more about Radio's founding fathers, its Golden Age, and what the future holds.

Careers in Commercial Radio

Ever thought of being on-the-air? Being a DJ? A talk show host? Even though there are less jobs than there used to be, there are still opportunities in commercial Radio for on-air hosts, salesmen, production specialists, programmers, and managers. Here's more information on breaking into the Radio business.

AM and FM Directories and Databases

There are thousands of AM and FM radio stations. The easiest way to find out more about them is by taking advantage of one of the several resources available in the form of directories or databases. Find facts concerning technical and geographical data as well as information on ownership, programming, and contacts.

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