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Top 10 Significant Milestones in Modern Radio


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Cell Phone Radio - 2004
Top 10 Significant Milestones in Modern Radio
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Cell Phone Radio - In February, 2004, Motorola offered media and content insiders a sneak peak at iRadio which was designed to provide hundreds of Internet radio stations using high-speed Internet, Bluetooth technology, and a cell phone. iRadio subsequently launched in January, 2006 with 435 commercial-free radio channels. MSpot Radio beat Motorola by launching 8 channels of commercial-free music on Sprint PCS phones April 4, 2005.

Significance: If the transistor radio was the mobile device of the Era of Commercial AM and FM, then the cell phone is the “transistor radio” of the Modern Radio Era. The cell phone is the one product most poised to eventually carry all our audio and video content.

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