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Facebook Brings Back the Spirit of Todd Storz

Social Networking with a Radio Pioneer


Todd Storz, broadcaster, father of Top 40 Radio

Todd Storz, broadcaster, father of Top 40 Radio

Photo: Todd Storz, Facebook
There's a good chance you've already been to a Facebook page which was created by a radio station, deejay, or talk show host. Facebook is an easy way for fans and friends to stay in touch - and just as easy for the people who create these pages to update them.

But, if you're a radio fan, there's more out there you might be interested in.

Recently, I added an old radio friend and Facebook suggested I also add Todd Storz.

"Todd Storz," I mused to myself? "The same Todd Storz credited with being the father of the Top 40 radio format who has been dead since 1964?"

I clicked it.

Soon after, my Facebook wall began to be filled with classic photographs of Todd Storz and notifications of Todd's sudden friendships with dozens of radio people. I just had to know more about this.

So, I went to Todd Storz' Facebook page and it says: "I have come back from the dead to analyze why radio has eroded so much over the last 40 years."

Relationship Status: It's Complicated

Birthday: May 8, 1924

Current City: Omaha, NE

This is not a Facebook "Fan" page which makes it even more interesting. The Todd Storz Facebook page is being presented as a person, albeit dead one. I don't know what their intentions are. It might be to simply share some classic photos of Storz. It might be to comment on the state of Radio while wearing the mask of anonymity - or a mask of ingenuity which defined Storz' career.

I watched a biography of Benjamin Franklin recently which pointed out that Franklin created "Poor Richard's Almanack" in 1732 and adopted the pseudonym of "Poor Richard Saunders" so he could say things publicly that he did not wish to associate with his real name, Benjamin Franklin.

It makes me wonder if someone with status and fame within Radio has not adopted the face and name of Todd Storz to do the same.

Want to be friends with Todd? Just do a quick search on Facebook and you'll find him - staring at you - and wondering what's happened to Radio ever since he left.

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