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Radio History, Founding Fathers, Old Time Radio and Airchecks

The history of Radio is a fascinating journey from very simple beginning to today's digital, online global reaches. Learn about the founding fathers and see early photos of Radio pioneers and facilities. Explore radio's development in different countries. Listen to priceless historic audio from Radio's "Golden Era" and hear airchecks of some of the greatest DJs from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.
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  2. Radio History By Country (66)
  3. Historical Radio Shows (27)
  4. Vintage Air Checks (22)
  5. Today in Radio History (374)
  6. Yearly Radio Reviews (52)

The Right Frequency by Fred V. Lucas
The Right Frequency by Fred V. Lucas is the kind of book which makes you realize how little you know. In this case, how little you know about the early pioneers of talk radio and how their relationship with early radio programming paved the way for the success of today's conservative talk radio and its high profile talents. Read my review.

How to Impress a Woman with a Radio Tower
Edwin H. Armstrong is considered the Father of modern FM Radio. The man was an electrical engineer with many inventions and patents to his creidt. A genius? Most likely. Either way, he was known to exhibit some peculiar behavior - especially when trying to impress young women. Read more.

Facebook Brings Back the Spirit of Todd Storz
Todd Storz, often referred to as the father of the Top 40 radio format, has suddenly appeared on Facebook - even though he passed away in 1964. This is not a Facebook "Fan" page. This is someone who has put on the mask of Todd Storz for a mission: "I have come back from the dead to analyze why radio has eroded so much over the last 40 years." Read More.

10 Odd Things You Probably Didn't Know About the History of Radio
We take for granted the ease by which traditional Radio is available to us as well as the way it is defined to us as users. The early decades of Radio and the peripheral technologies which helped it evolve, were riddled with new and sometimes odd ways of applying this technology to everyday life. Let the oddness begin!

The Analog AM/FM Radio Tuner Still Has Fans - Thousands
Before MP3 players, HD Radios, iPods, Satellite Radio receivers, and cell phones that receive audio – there were only AM/FM tuners and receivers - and they have not been forgotten. One Yahoo! group regularly reviews and discusses all tuners that are analog. Read more.

Top 10 Significant Milestones in Modern Radio
Radio today - Modern Radio - is a far cry from Radio just a decade ago. What was once the sole domain of AM and FM has now been intruded upon by new technologies like Satellite Radio, Internet Radio, Cell Phone Radio, Podcasts, and more. How did we get from just AM and FM to all this? Here are the Top 10 Significant Milestones in Modern Radio. (Opinion)

Book Review: "Something in the Air" by Marc Fisher
Marc Fisher’s book about Radio's evolution in America is so good, I’m only on page 209 and I just had to start writing about it. Actually, I wanted to begin this article 100 pages ago but, I restrained myself. But, even though I have more than another 100 pages to read, I don’t care: the review commences now.

Calling All Listeners and Staff of Q105/Tampa During Its Top 40 Glory Days
A tribute site to Tampa Bay's legendary Q105 and QZOO morning show which turned Radio on it's head during the 1980s and early 1990s is now being built. Former listeners and staffers are being asked to get involved in contributing memorabilia. Read more.

Radio News Pioneer 'WCBS All-News 88' Now Has Tribute Page
A former staffer at WCBS All-News 88, Don Swaim, has put together a tribute page to one of America's heritage Radio news operations. Learn more.

ThePowerPig.com Continues To Build Tribute To Legendary WFLZ-FM, Tampa
A major upgrade has been announced at ThePowerPig.com, an online tribute site to Top 40 legend WFLZ, Tampa. Read more

Evolution of the Car Radio
The "Evolution of the Car Radio" by Era with Graphics created by RadioTime, Inc. shows how far the car radio has come from 1930 to the 2000s.

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