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Every Camper Needs a Radio - or Two

Radios Provide Emergency Information, Communication, and Entertainment


Eton American Red Cross FR400 Emergency Radio

Eton American Red Cross FR400 Emergency Radio

Photo Credit: © Eton
Updated March 08, 2007
Soon the weather will turn warmer for most and camping season will be underway. Experienced campers know that part of a good safety plan is having radios on-hand for emergency communication, information, and entertainment.

When planning this aspect of your camping gear, there are many choices so spend some time evaluating the right equipment for your needs. Some radios receive information, others allow you to contact members of your party or outside help in an emergency.

You may require several types of radios for your trip. Investing in the right hardware beforehand might save your endless trouble and even your life.

Emergency Information

The first reason to have a radio is to insure you will not be cut off from vital emergency information in the event of violent weather, dangerous natural events, or even terrorism. For this, I recommend one of the many self-sufficient emergency radios designed with crank-power generators which power the device.

No batteries nor electric are needed for these which means you will never be caught needing information and not having the ability to access it. Here are examples of these types of radios with price comparison links from Pricegrabber.

Eton American Red Cross FR400 Emergency Radio - Compare Prices

  • Hand-crank power generator
  • NOAA weather channels and TV-VHF channels,
  • Water-resistant
  • LED lights
  • Cell phone charger

Eton FR300 American Red Cross Emergency Radio - Compare Prices

  • Hand-crank power generator
  • AM/FM/TV/Weather radio
  • Built-in LED flashlight, cell phone charger and emergency siren

Eton American Red Cross FR250 Emergency Radio - Compare Prices

  • AM/FM Shortwave Radio with Flashlight
  • Hand crank power generator
  • Siren and Cell Phone Charger.

Weather Channel Storm Tracker Rechargeable Flashlight AM/FM Weather Alert Radio - Compare Prices

  • NOAA alert & weather band radio
  • AM/FM radio
  • 5 LED flashlight
  • Hand crank dynamo power

Grundig G200A Porsche Design Shortwave Radio - Compare Prices

  • Functions for up to an hour with only one minute of hand cranking
  • AM/FM/SW1 (shortwave 1), and SW2 stations

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