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Amateur, Ham, Shortwave, Citizen Band, CB, NOAA Weather Radio

Radio is important to many in their work, as a hobby and to lifestyle. Truckers use CB to keep in touch, Amateur shortwave radio operators ("hams") serve the community while having fun, and rural areas depend on NOAA weather radio for safety. All these forms of radio are covered here. Plus: specialty broadcasts aimed at NASCAR fans, gays, and more.
  1. Specialized Broadcasts (9)
  2. Family Radio Service (FRS) (1)
  3. Amateur Short Wave (25)
  4. CB Radio (12)
  5. Weather Radio (8)

When the Zombies Come, Depend on a CB or Amateur Radio
If you're a Doomsday Prepper and you are getting ready for the end of the world and onslaught of zombies, then you may not realize that most of your communications systems can easily be compromised. There are a couple of ways to stay communication-independent. Read more.

Every Camper Needs a Radio - or Two
Experienced campers know that part of a good safety plan is having radios on-hand for emergency communication, information, and entertainment. Some radios receive information, others allow you to contact members of your party or outside help in an emergency. Read more, see suggestions, get price comparison links.

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