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Does Anyone Over 30 Get Into Radio and Succeed?

A Visitor to Radio.about.com Wants to Know


A visitor to the Radio.about.com site writes:


"...I am currently on Day 6 of your Radio Lessons on About.com. I have been reading all of the material and nothing you write makes me doubt that I really want to get into radio. Even in a more competative time, I am sure I can make an impact...[have] you personally have seen anyone age 30 or over get into this industry and succeed? I want a good hard challenge again. I want one of my dreams to come true. What I am doing now was never a dream.

Secondly, I have seen a site called (name withheld) that claims to set up eager learners with someone (a mentor) in the industry so you can learn the ins and outs of the radio business and then possibly get hired after it is all done. For $5000 it seems to good to be true...have you heard about these programs?"
- Erik


Let me answer the second question first. I have known people who attended Radio "schools" and not one of them ever told me it was really worth their time. Their general feeling was although they received some basic training, albeit in a faux environment, it wasn't until they actually began working in the business did they learn the real skills and acquire the information they truly needed. But, I'm sure there are exceptions to this and don't take this as an indictment of any school or training program. But, personally, I advise people to go in a different direction - interning.

As a matter of fact, my on-air partner attended a Radio school for a while until he stumbled into a real Radio job and he never looked back - not even finishing his classes. I went to college, majored in Radio & TV and had a hard time getting my first on-air job. I actually had to start in sales and by my 3rd sales job was able to combine it with air work. From there I finally sequed to to full-time air work.


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