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How Do I Break Into Radio Sales?

Most Radio Stations Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know



cover letter, send it to the General Sales Manager at whatever radio station you are interested in working for. It always helps to stand out. That’s why I would suggest sending it in the USPS Flat Rate Priority Mailer (they look more important than regular letters) or even by Fed Ex if you can spare the expense. Make SURE you follow up by phone a week after you send it. If you wind up in voice-mail hell, keep trying. Persistent people make their own breaks.

Don’t limit yourself to one radio station just because you happen to like the music they play. You’re not there to listen and it doesn’t really matter what format the station is. If you want to sell, then be ready to sell whatever product is available – Rock, Talk, Urban, etc. Professional Account Executives should be willing and able to sell commercials, remote appearances, and any kind of product inventory for any kind of format.

That’s what a professional does.

Now, as far as what you’ll make, as in any sales-oriented position this is really up to you. Most stations will start you off on a salary “draw” until you get yourself to a point where your sales commissions are providing higher income than your draw. From there, it’s up to you how much money you make. Motivated Account Executives can do very well.

Let me put it this way: where I work – at a cluster of several stations – one of the top Account Executives is driving a brand new yellow Corvette. I’d say she’s doing pretty well.

Good luck and make it happen!

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