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Maybe Sales is Your Path to Success in Radio

Dateline: 04/07/08


I don't often write about the sales aspect of Radio but to be sure: there would be no commercial Radio in the U.S. without the successful backbone of commerce created by the inventory that Radio offers.

Even though I have spent most of my professional life on the programming side, I did begin in sales and sold for 3 radio stations before shifting over to programming. Since I was hawking :30 and :60 second commercials, things have changed.

The Radio industry is evolving and this growth into new media continues to offer more opportunities for creative sales people. If you are seeking a career that has unlimited opportunity, there probably has never been a better time to look seriously at Radio sales because there is more to sell than ever before.

For many, even the word "inventory" used in the context of Radio may seem odd. After all, most people think of Radio as something that is here then gone. How could anything have an inventory that is so ephemeral.

But, commercials - the traditional inventory of the Radio process - continue to roll off an invisible assembly line, 24 hours-a-day. And that's just the "old school" inventory.

Opportunity Presents Itself in New Media

There has probably never been a better time - nor has there ever been a greater need - for really talented sales people in the Radio industry. There is more inventory than every before because the nature of what Radio is has evolved over the past 10 to 15 years.

Now, there is so much to sell and the industry needs perceptive people who understand both old media and new and are able to help clients with advertising and marketing programs that combine all the best that Radio can offer to stimulate business.

Just look at the inventory available for the savvy Radio sales person today:

  • Traditional commercials in various lengths (:15, :30, :60)
  • Non-traditional commercials in shorter bursts of :05 seconds
  • Sponsorships billboards ("...brought to you by...")
  • Commercials inserted into Internet Streams
  • Banner ads and text links on radio-station websites
  • Commercials and sponsorships of Podcasts that originate from radio stations
  • In-stream commercials for music videos and other video content.

Radio = Content. Content = Sales.

Radio has come a long way since the seemingly primitive singular audio experience first offered by AM, then FM broadcasting.

Today, Radio is evolving from the one-dimensional audio service of yesterday into a multimedia array of content. Smart radio companies are leveraging the programming they create on-air into as much online content as possible because our society is shifting to a content-driven one.

And, our ability to access this content has been enabled by the affordability of personal computers, the Internet, MP3 players, cell phones, free software players, and more.

In the end, this shift is providing creative sales people with a multi-faceted radio product that can be sold in ways that accentuate the marketing and business goals of prospective clients.

The ability to put a client's message in front of a prospective customer has never been stronger because creative sales people can craft campaigns that overlap between traditional Radio and new media to help insure the message is delivered.

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