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The Lure of Radio: From the Young to the Old

Meet One of America's Youngest and Oldest Radio Hosts


Luther Masingill, WDEF-FM, Chattanooga, TN

Luther Masingill, WDEF-FM, Chattanooga, TN

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I read a lot of news each day for the purpose of cutting, pasting, and printing tidbits, articles, and other content for my own morning radio show. When I go through this process, I often look for trends in the news I can use in tandem with one another. I notice things that are alike and things that are opposite and you might be surprised how often the day's news falls into recognizable patterns.

That happened today while I was pondering my next article for radio.about.com. I came across two stories I thought were related yet, quite polar in a sense. One was a press release that arrived in my inbox early this morning. The second story was the result of a doing a Google search for news stories about Radio.

The first story is about a very young radio host. The second one is about a very old one. I thought you would enjoy the contrasts between these two working radio hosts.

Age Before Beauty

It was a story from Randall Dickerson from the Associated Press that first alerted me to Luther Masingill. Masingill has worked on the air at WDEF in Chattanooga, Tennessee for most of his life. He is now 90 and began at WDEF as a 17-year-old teenager after passing and audition.

"He was made a 'cub announcer,' and now he has been on WDEF for 72 years. He's helped reunite people with lost animals - dogs, cats, horses and once, he says, even a small alligator," writes Dickerson.

I did a little research and found that Masingill was originally with WDEF-AM and then moved to WDEF-FM in the early 1990s when the AM switched over to a sports format. Now, WDEF-FM (Sunny 92.3 FM) offers an Adult/Contemporary format and Luther has been the morning man from one to the other since December 31, 1940. His show runs from 5:30 a.m. until 10 a.m. daily. He has been on the air longer than any other host in radio history.

Come this November 12, 2012 Luther Masingill will be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago. Earlier this year he was one of the first to be inducted into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame. Masingill is also a National Marconi Award winner.

Enter the Young

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum is a young radio host by the name of Pavlina Osta. Pavlina is the host of her own radio show called Pavlina's Kidz Place. On her weekly program she interviews celebrities and newsmakers.

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