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Looking for a job in Radio? Here's good advice from a free online course to a list of broadcast schools in the U.S., England, Austalia, England and New Zealand. Plus: job listings and other free resources and even advice and software links for Mobile Djs (or just some virtual turntables to mix your own beats for fun). In Radio now? You'll find some great showprep links here.
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Three New Job Positions Every Radio Station Should Hire Experts to Fill
Radio stations have been slow to recognize that marketing themselves on the Internet and through social media requires the expertise of people who can do things like create flash animation, interact in real time for hours on Facebook and Twitter during a morning show, and use the latest graphic tools like Photoshop to create compelling content that has the potential to go viral. It's not enough to let this be another hat the station webmaster wears. Read more.

How Do I Go from Being an Internet Broadcaster to Commercial Radio?
A visitor to radio.about.com who is an Internet broadcaster wants to know how to get a Program Director in commercial radio to evaluate their resume and air check - in the hopes of being offered a job. Well, radio jobs are tough to come by but there are ways to position yourself to better your chances. Also, see my short list of how best to prepare to get that job.

The Lure of Radio: From the Young to the Old
The lure of radio seems to be as strong for the young as it is the old. In this case, I'm not talking about listeners. I'm referring to on-air performers. Here are two stories of radio hosts working in the business today and certainly coming from two different points of view. One is 14 years old, the other is 90. Read more.

Once again, I am faced with a deadline to provide an article to...
Once again, I am faced with a deadline to provide an article to Radio.about.com which reflects thought, insight, and eloquence. And as usual, I have failed. Instead, I have decided tackle the work ethic in the Radio industry in honor of Labor Day. Read more (satire)

What Would You do to be on the Radio?
So what's the best way to get into radio? I think a better question to ask is: "What would you do to get into radio?" In an industry where jobs have gone away over the past 15 years, if you can't get paid to do what you love, then just do what you love - because you love doing it. Read more.

Technology: A Cruel Joke to Radio Job Hunters
Job hunting in the Radio business has gotten easier over the years because technology improved. Instead of shuttling around reels of magnetic tape with air checks, deejays can now email an MP3 audio file to a potential employer. Too bad it's so easy now, but there are so few jobs. That's the irony of technology. Read more.

Thinking of a Career in Radio? Some Good Tips on What to Expect
Working in Radio is fun and rewarding - if you can find a job these days. The fact is thousands of positions have been done away with over the past few years. Even so, there are still opportunities both on and off the air for people who approach a career in Radio realistically. Read more.

Hope for Radio's Future Still Hinges on Something Called 'Humans'
Edison Research has issued it's list of "30 Under 30" - a list of up-and-coming broadcasters involved in all aspects of the radio industry. I don't mind all this coddling and drooling over my younger radio brothers as long as everyone keeps in mind the older pros have been falling to the wayside like ducks in an arcade due to cutbacks and...

WFAN Competition Offers On-Air Radio Job to Winner
For the second year-in-a-row, New York's Sports Radio 66 WFAN is holding a competition with the prize being an on-air gig at the radio station. Finally: your chance to break into radio without all that annoying "experience." If you're in the New York metropolitan area (or willing to travel further) the station kicks off auditions this Saturday....

Radio’s Often Misunderstood 20-Hour Work Week
A lot of people, especially typical radio listeners, think the people on-the-air work 4 hours-a-day because that's how long their radio show is. Well, the 20-hour Radio work week is a fallacy. What most people don't see is the amount of time that goes into preparing a show and the other duties on-air radio personalities usually have. Learn more.

Radio Internships Available - Get Radio Experience
One of the best ways to break into Radio is by Interning. It's an old tradition in broadcasting and still one of the best ways to learn the business from the inside out. Here's a list of selected Intern opportunities.

Help Ted Williams Get A Voice Over Job
Ted Williams is a homeless man in Columbus, Ohio. But you won't believe what comes out of his mouth when he speaks to you. Someone needs to hire this guy!

Radio Jobs - Online Sources for Radio Job Listings
Have you ever considered a job in Radio? Although the job market is a lot tighter than it used to be, there are still jobs out there. Here are the most popular online links to radio jobs.

Pushing Your Way Into Radio
I am often asked what is the best way to get into Radio? A specialty broadcast school? A 4-year college program? An internship? Do you have to know somebody? Well, there is a little secret - a sure fire way I've seen work for countless people over and over. I'd be happy to tell you what it is. Read more.

Maybe Sales is Your Path to Success in Radio
The Radio industry is evolving and this growth into new media continues to offer more opportunities for creative sales people. If you are seeking a career that has unlimited opportunity, there probably has never been a better time to look seriously at Radio sales because there is more to sell than every before. Read more.

Radio Answers: Being On-the-Air, Hosting a Show, Starting an Online Station
I get questions all the time about being on-the-air (AM and FM) and being on Internet Radio. Although I answer writers personally, every once-in-a-while I like to present a compilation of information which will be beneficial to general readers. Here are questions and answers about being on-the-air, hosting a radio show, and starting your own Internet Radio station.

The Radio Job Market: Is a Career Worth Pursuing?
A visitor to Radio.about.com with some Radio experience has concerns about the future of the Radio job market and wants to know if the negatives of working in the business (moving, time away from family, diminishing opportunities) is worth staying in it? Here's my answer.

Working in Radio: Getting Your Foot in the Door As an Intern
I'm often asked what is the best way to break into Radio and I always tell people to try and start as an intern - paid, not paid, or for college credit. But, sometimes even finding an intern position can be challenging. Some questions from site visitors and answers. Read more.

Does Anyone Over 30 Get Into Radio and Succeed?
A visitor to Radio.about.com wants to know if anyone over 30 can get into Radio and succeed. Plus: what about broadcast schools - are they worth it? Read my answers.

7 Tips From an Old Pro on Working in Radio
I've written many articles on how to break into Radio. But, here's a recent email I received from a former Radio pro which reiterates many things I've said and includes a few other insights you should know. Read on...

How Do I Break Into Radio Sales?
A visitor to the Radio site at About.com wants to know if it's hard to break into Radio sales and if one needs to have any prior knowledge of the Radio business. Actually, radio stations are always looking for talented producers and are willing to train motivated people who they think are right for the job. Read more.

People Say I Should Be in Radio and On The Air...
A site visitor says people are constantly telling him he missed his calling and should be in Radio. He wants to know how to make a "demo tape". But, is that the best way to get into Radio? Read more.

Back to School: Is That How I Get Into Radio?
With colleges and universities all churning back into action for the fall, you may wonder: is that where I can learn Radio? Well, an institution of higher learning is one way. But there are others, too. Read more.

How Do I Break Into Radio?
Have you thought about getting into Radio but not sure how to go about it? Well, there are three basic ways people wind up on-the-air. Which one should you follow?

So, You Wanna Work In Radio?
It's natural for people to wonder what being in Radio is all about, especially those considering it as a profession. My advice? RUN! RUN as FAST AS YOU CAN and don't look back! Read answers to real questions from a curious student

Want To Work On The Radio?
If you've ever thought of working in Radio, here's what you need to know about how to break-in. Covered are broadcast schools, traditional colleges and universities, interns, apprentices, what you can expect to make and more.

You Don't Have To Be On The Air To Be In Radio
Being on Radio doesn't necessarily mean being on-the-air. There are various fulfilling jobs available in Radio that don't require you to be behind the microphone. Here's a list to start you thinking.

DJ Jobs: What You Can Expect If You Want To Be On The Radio
DJ Jobs: What You Can Expect If You Want To Be On The Radio including the nature of the work, working conditions, employment, pay, training, and jobs outlook.

Be A DJ: Radio Jobs Available
Have you ever considered becoming a DJ? There are jobs out there. Here are the most popular links to Radio jobs offered online.

Radio Morning Man Terminology
Being a Morning DJ is a different lifestyle and out of necessity, these Radio Personalities have developed their own terminology to more easily communicate the experience. Now, that can finally be revealed.

Fired AGAIN!
Being in Radio is a fun job. But, like any other occupation, it does have its downside. Formats change, stations are bought and sold and Radio personalities get fired for not having ratings....and sometime FOR having ratings.

Back On The Air - And Now It's Personal
I'm going on the air this morning at 6 AM at a new Radio station. After being out of work for 3 1/2 months, not only do I get to go back to what I do for a living but this time, I get to compete against the last station that fired me. Life is sweet.

"DJ Reality Show" Website Suspicious
There's a website claiming to be a new reality TV show doing a talent search for DJs to win a nationally syndicated Radio show. I don't buy it. Read why.

Unemployed DJ Plans Search To Get His MOJO Back
Unemployed DJ Corey Deitz says getting fired three times in 12 years just doesn't make sense anymore. He's convinced his MOJO is missing and is going to search the great American Southwest by car to find it.

The Radio DJ FAQ
Here's everything you ever wanted to know about Disc-Jockeys but were afraid to ask. A satricial and humorous FAQ on DJs

Confessions of a Morning DJ
I've said some pretty stupid things on-the-air and done a few dumb ones off-the-air, too. It's time to confess and get it off my chest.

9 True Things You May Not Know About Radio People
From our weirdness to our wardrobes - from our divorce rate to why we get fired so much. What's the deal? All will be revealed! 9 true things you may not have known about the voices you hear daily. Read more.

The Annotated "You Might Be In Radio If....List"
Working in Radio is a unique experience. And, as in other professions, certain things eventually become very evident which are particular to the business. Here is a long, funny list with annotations when appropriate. If you're in the biz, you'll get it right away. If you're not, click the links as you read for explanations or more background. Here's the list.

Salary Calculator for Broadcast Jobs
How much can you make being on the radio? Check out this salary comparison and salary calculator.

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