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Top 10 Radio News Stories of 2009


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Top 10 Radio News Stories of 2009 - Terry Wogan Leaves Radio 2's Morning Show
Top Radio Stories of 2009

Top Radio Stories of 2009

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Monday September 7, 2009

On Monday, British radio icon, Terry Wogan, announced he would be leaving Radio 2's breakfast show. According to an AFP news story: "...the 71-year-old said the decision to leave "Wake Up To Wogan" at the end of the year was the hardest of his career."

Wogan told listeners Chris Evans would take over upon his departure. "Recent figures show 'Wake Up To Wogan' attracts a weekly audience of 7.93 million listeners, making Wogan the king of breakfast radio," according to the AFP story.

Wogan began on the morning show in 1972, left in 1984 and returned in 1993.

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