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Santa's Gifts to Radio in 2008

Innovations, Software, Hardware, and Ideas to Make Radio Better for Listeners


Slacker G2 Personal Radio Player

Slacker G2 Personal Radio Player

Photo Credit: © Slacker.com
Updated December 21, 2008
This is my yearly rundown of the top 10 innovations, software, hardware, and ideas which I think have contributed most to radio listening during the past year. This is not a technical list of innovations but, rather, a practical one which translates into a better experience for the listener and radio fan. They are in no particular order.

Streema: Radio Streams and Social Networking

If you're continually looking for a "better mousetrap" when it comes to finding online Internet radio stations, don't overlook Streema. Even though it's still in "Alpha", the team there are honing a slick interface that is very easy to use and efficient. Streema manipulates your browser into a player and social radio network.

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Pioneer Offers XMp3 Wearable Satellite Radio

Pioneer Electronics introduced the XMp3 - a wearable satellite radio and MP3 player. It receives live satellite radio and is the first to offer simultaneous multi-channel recording capability.

It also features a Programming Guide, a micro-SD card slot for additional audio storage and includes the XM2go Music Manager software.

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Satellite Radio Merger Creates New Programming Options for Subscribers

In July, 2008, a merger between Sirius and XM Satellite Radio was approved by the federal government and the company became SIRIUS XM Radio.

At this writing, the services are continuing to operate as separate entities though each is offering programming portions from each other.

This allows owners of XM and Sirius-based equipment – which are proprietary to their respective service – to continue to benefit from their hardware investment while capitalizing on new programming options.

SIRIUS now offers “The Best of XM” in addition to its programming packages and XM now offers “The Best of SIRIUS Satellite Radio”

Even though a consolidation of channels recently took place with some subscribers losing their favorites, having the ability to choose programming from both services has no doubt lessened arguments between spouses over which service to go with.

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New iPhone Radio App Will Connect to 60,000 Radio Stations

Radio for iPhone users got better when RadioTime and Weather Underground unveiled WunderRadio - a new AM/FM and Internet radio tuner application for iPhone users.

Users can use RadioTime to search for over 60,000 terrestrial and Internet radio stations in addition to accessing U.S. weather stations from Weather Underground.

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Slacker Unveils G2 Personal Radio Player

Slacker introduced the “Slacker G2 Personal Radio Player” which is billed as "...the next generation of the world's only completely portable Personal Radio player."

So what is this thing?

The G2 enables listeners to personalize over 100 programmed stations and create, edit and share their own personal Radio stations...and it’s portable.

The G2 automatically downloads and refreshes songs over a Wi-Fi connection or through USB. But, the player doesn’t have to be connected to Wi-Fi to play.

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13 Episodes of WKRP in Cincinnati Now Online

In this economy, you have to take the freebies when you find them and this one is a gem which promotes Radio in such a fun way. 13 full episodes of WKRP in Cincinnati from 1978 are now online at imdb.com. Not only were so many of the quirks depicted on this classic sitcom true from an insider's perspective but it was honest and funny.

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