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Top 10 Radio Stories of 2007


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August: Imus and CBS Radio Settled - Return to Airwaves Inevitable
Top Radio Stories of 2007

Top Radio Stories of 2007

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Don Imus settled his lawsuit with CBS Radio and reportedly walked away with $20 million bucks. Rumors began flying immediately that he was already in talks to get back on the air.

He ultimately returned to Radio on December 3, 2007 on WABC-AM/New York with a re-formed morning show including old staffers and new additions. A long vacation and payoff. Take that, Don!

Imus' return demonstrated several things:

  1. Offensive speech is not illegal or against F.C.C. rules and regulations but it might be socially intolerable.

  2. Companies who hire Radio personalities who get ratings by being offensive or politically incorrect should be prepared to defend these personalities if they are going to gladly reap profits from them prior to controversies (see earlier reference to XM, Opie, Anthony, and "a backbone").

  3. Even and Old Cranky Cowboy can learn some new tricks. Imus is sorry (and richer, and more well-known than ever.)

Notable 2007 Event
Bob Grant Returned to WABC-AM/New York
Bob Grant is considered by many to be a talk radio original.

In August, nydailynews.com. David Hinckley wrote: "WABC program director Phil Boyce confirmed yesterday that the 78-year-old Grant, whose 1995 firing made national headlines, will take the 8-10 weeknight slot starting this evening."

"...Grant, who helped pioneer local conservative radio talk on WMCA in the early 1970s, was fired for a comment after then-Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was killed in a plane crash."

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