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Top 10 Radio Stories of 2007


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March: Company Claims First Mobile Internet Radio
Top Radio Stories of 2007

Top Radio Stories of 2007

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From weblog.infoworld.com: "Australian company Torian is now shipping its Infusion, which it claims is the world's first mobile Internet radio, or Wi-Fi radio. The radio, which also doubles as an MP3 player, debuted at the CeBIT conference in Germany this week."

When the lock and key of Internet Radio and wireless broadband finally come together in a reasonable solution, you will see a profound shift in the value of AM, FM, and Internet Radio. Actually, it’s either Wi-Max (not Wi-Fi) that will make Internet Radio truly portable or the development of a cell phone structure which easily integrates with mobile radios and also provides fidelity.

Notable 2007 Event
Four Radio Companies Will Pay $12.5 Million to Settle Payola Charges
The stations involved are: Clear Channel Communications Inc., CBS Radio, Entercom Communications Corp. and Citadel Broadcasting Corp. From billboard.biz: "Four major radio broadcast companies have tentatively agreed to pay the government $12.5 million and provide 8,400 half-hour segments of free airtime for independent record labels and local artists in separate settlements aimed at curbing the persistent practice known as 'payola', according to sources."

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