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Side-by-Side: Glenn Beck vs. Keith Olbermann

A Comparison of Two Opposing Personalities


Radio and TV host Glenn Beck and TV host Keith Olbermann

Radio and TV host Glenn Beck and TV host Keith Olbermann

Photo Credit: © Ted Axelrod/Fox News, Keith Olbermann, Creative Commons License
Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann often lock horns against one another on their separate programs and bask in criticizing each other. That's why this "Side by Side" is Glenn Beck vs. Keith Olbermann. The Side-by-Side series is meant to be a non-biased presentation of facts and information for the reader's comparison and contrast.

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Information Born: February 10, 1964 Born: January 27, 1959
Education: Immaculate Conception Catholic School, Mount Vernon, WA Education: Hackley School, Tarrytown, NY. Cornell University.
Radio/Television: Syndicated Radio: The Glenn Beck Show, Fox News Channel: Glenn Beck Radio/Television: Olbermann hosts Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC
Politics: Beck is a conservative. Politics: Olbermann has been described as "liberal". But, he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "I'm not a liberal; I'm an American."
Claim to Fame: The third most listened to radio show in America Claim to Fame: 1995, Olbermann won a Cable ACE award for Best Sportscaster (while at ESPN)
Did You Know: Beck is a recovering alcoholic. Did You Know: Olbermann is a huge baseball fan and a member of the Society for American Baseball Research
Great Quote: "Good for you, you have a heart, you can be a liberal. Now, couple your heart with your brain, and you can be a conservative." Great Quote: "He [Limbaugh] also referred to her supporters as 'dope-smoking FM types.' I guess the painkillers wipe out your memory along with your ethics. Rush Limbaugh, today's worst person in the world!"
Online: The Glenn Beck Show Online:Countdown with Keith Olberman

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