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Which is Worse: Listener Dying in a Radio Stunt or a City Panicked by TV Stunt?

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The recent "Mooninite Bomb Scare" which occupied the city of Boston while police and other responders searched desperately for objects which turned out to be a combination of Lite Brites, batteries, and some wire, brings up a point to ponder.

Should Turner Broadcasting and Interference, Inc., the marketing company which conceived and carried out the publicity stunt, be held to the same standard as the Sacremento radio station, KDND-FM, which held a contest where a woman died of water intoxication?

In the Mooninite situation, a major city was put on the defensive, no doubt scaring many folks. Granted, no one died, but panic many times can lead to injury or worse. In the KDND-FM contest affair, a contestant was fatally harmed.

Is there a "worse" here?

Is there a more irresponsible party here?

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