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A Buyer's Guide to Wi-Fi Internet Radio Receivers


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Ira Wireless Internet Radio
Ira Wireless Internet Radio from Myine Electronics

Ira Wireless Internet Radio from Myine Electronics

Photo Credit: © Myine Electronics

Myine Electronics, makers of the Ira Wireless Internet Radio, are very excited about their product because as they told me: "The best thing about this product is that it eliminates the hassle and confusion that comes from some consumer electronics. So many products have too many features to count, which can make it difficult to set up and operate. "

The Ira Wireless Internet Radio brings thousands of Internet stations to the user, you can hook it up to any sound system and it's compact: 2x6x3.

Users can filter by location or genre to find Internet radio stations and you don't need a computer as part of the procedure.

It's easy to get up and going: the company says it has a 3-minute first-time auto setup.

Suggested retail price is $149.99.

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