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The Grooveshark Kit for Android Streams Internet Radio to Your Car

Wirelessly Connect Your Smartphone


The Grooveshark Kit by Livio Radio

The Grooveshark Kit by Livio Radio

Photo: Livio Radio
You love your Android phone and appreciate everything it does for you, especially all the music it stores and plays. But, sometimes you wonder, "Gee...if this phone's so darn smart how come I don't have an easy way to listen to everything in my phone on my car radio."

Well, a jolly man in a white beard and red suit has heard your plea. No, he's not from the North Pole, he's from Livio Radio, based in Ferndale, Michigan. (I suspect he's one of the engineers, possibly an eclectic dresser.)

Livio Radio, a company that develops Internet radios and devices and Grooveshark, an on-demand music service. Together, they have create The Grooveshark Kit - a software and hardware solution to integrating Grooveshark into standard car radios.

Android users can now wirelessly connect their phone to any vehicle's FM radio. The Grooveshark Kit requires a 12 volt charge (cigarette lighter) and active Grooveshark account. Once active, the kit also allows for hands-free Bluetooth calling and USB charging.

The Grooveshark App can be downloaded for free and lets users search and play music, share songs, and build "cloud music libraries" accessible on the Web.

How to Do It

With the Grooveshark Kit, it's easy to get started:

1. First, plug the kit into your vehicle's 12 volt adapter. Turn your FM radio to the same frequency as on the kit. (The kit will search and find the available frequencies in your local area with a button touch.)

2. Connect your Android phone to the kit using Bluetooth.

3. Install the Grooveshark app from your phone's mobile browser and starting streaming music wirelessly. (http://m.Grooveshark.com)

Livio recently previewed The Grooveshark Kit at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The plug-and-play device bridges the voice between the Android radio any FM car stereo.

The Grooveshark Kit comes on the heals of The Livio Bluetooth Internet Radio Car Kit introduced earlier this year and designed for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android.

In a prepared comment Grooveshark CEO, Sam Tarrantino, said he expected this advance for Grooveshark would be "...the first of many other places our users can access Grooveshark in the future."

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