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Portable Internet Radio - How to Take it With You

Internet Radio continues to develop yet, the major criticism of this form of radio has always been the portability factor. Users want the ability to listen to Internet Radio not only on their computer but away from it, too. This section provide information on the latest developments toward making Internet Radio portable for cars and hand held devices.

Internet Radio in Cars: Avoiding Square Pegs into Round Holes
Imagine a world where your smartphone and your car radio communicated perfectly with each other. A world where apps on devices and the hardware in your car or home operated easily because each one used a universal language or protocol. Well, it's here and it's called "Livio Connect."

Your Car Radio is Not Necessarily in Your Dashboard
Ever since the general public began to gravitate toward Internet Radio, the cry has been "Where's the portability?" When it becamse portable, the cry was "Why isn't it in my car?" Actually, it's been in your car for years - on your cell phone. The trick's been making it easy to listen. Read more.

Pay Less for Internet Radios: Go Refurbished
If you've been looking to purchase an Internet Radio but prices still aren't low enough for you budget, here's another option: refurbished. Grace Digital Audio manufactures several Internet Radio models and also offers refurbished ones directly from its website - with a 30 day guarantee. Read more.

The Grooveshark Kit for Android Streams Internet Radio to Your Car
If you've wanted to get all that music and radio out of your Android phone into your car's FM radio, The Grooveshark Kit by Livio Radio might be the answer. It's easy to install and easy to use. read more.

The iHeartRadio Coming Out Party: What Does it Really Mean? (Opinion)
Clear Channel Radio just held its iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas this past weekend. The point of the event was to introduce the company's latest version of iHeartRadio, a streaming app that features over 750 radio stations and custom content as well. But, Clear Channel Radio's iHeartRadio doesn't just want to compete against other...

The Livio Bluetooth Internet Radio Car Kit
Radio providers, traditional and Internet-only, have both made great strides in the last few years getting their audio onto smart phones. Phone manufacturers have also encouraged the development of apps to make it easy to find and select from the content available. The last piece to the puzzle has been getting the Internet Radio from the phone...

Aluratek Internet Radio Alarm Clock with Built-in WiFi
The Aluratek Internet Radio brings users the vast programming available via the Internet with a product that delivers a small footprint, ease of use, and enough flexibility in options to make it a real bridge from traditional radio listening to Internet Radio. Read more of this review.

How do YOU get Internet Radio into Your Vehicle?
There are various ways - conventional and unconventional - to stream Internet radio from your iPhone or Blackberry into your vehicle. What hardware or software do you use to make this happen?

How do YOU listen to Internet Radio in Your Car?
Getting Internet radio in your vehicle is still an emerging process. There are various commercial solutions for streaming your iPhone or Blackberry. Here's my question: How do YOU listen to Internet radio in your vehicle? Tell everyone about your solution - and maybe a few words on why it works for YOU.

A Buyer's Guide to Wi-Fi Internet Radio Receivers
Internet Radio is great but who wants to have to sit down in front of a computer to listen? This problem is solved with the latest Wi-Fi Internet Radio receivers. All you need is a wireless router, broadband, and any of this hardware to free yourself - and music - from your computer for good.

Taming that Elusive Internet Car Radio Technology
The promise of Internet Radio in your car or truck has been slightly elusive. But, thanks to some ingenious and inventive fans, it is possible to get your favorite Internet radio station in your vehicle - if you're willing to be a little unconventional. Read more.

Internet Radio Will Benefit Greatly From WiMax by 2008
WiMax will help to enable further development of portable Internet Radio.

Radio@AOL Jumps From PC To Whole House With New Wireless Player Hardware
America Online has teamed up with D-Link to offer users a wireless solutions for listening to Radio@AOL throughout the home. No longer are fans of this service tie down to their PC. Plus: buy the hardware and get the programming for free. Read more.

Can I Listen To Internet Radio in My Car?
A site visitor says his favorite radio stations are online stations from around the world. He wants to know how he can listen to them in his car. Read more.

How to Listen to Internet Audio While in Home Away from Computer
A site visitor to Radio.about.com wants to know how to listen to Internet audio while in his home but away from his computer. Here's the answer.

Internet Radio In Your Car
If you thought Satellite Radio was the only service that could offer you more choice and selection in Radio channels and programming, wait until Internet Radio is available in your car. All 100,000 audio streams. Interested? Read more.

InFusion Provides Portable Internet Radio That Fits In Your Pocket
Two Australian companies have combined technology to create the world’s first portable compact Internet radio device - allowing it to tune into any streaming radio station, anywhere in the world while in a wireless hot spot. Read more.

Sono Digital Media Player Unshackles Internet Radio From Your Computer
SONO is a versatile, well-crafted product which, for about $150, allows you to take your Internet Radio with you anywhere around your home or apartment. A combination software/hardware control system allows you to change media between Internet Radio, local FM, mp3 files, or CDs. Read the full review.

First Portable Internet Radio Tuner On Sale Soon
PDT, a British company, has unveiled the first truly portable Internet Radio tuner. It's called the InTune200. Read more.

AudioFeast Announces First Portable Internet Radio Service
Today, AudioFeast, Inc. announced details for the first portable Internet Radio service. The new service delivers more than 400 channels of news, sports and entertainment radio programming in an "all you can listen to" format for MP3 players, mobile devices and the PC. Read more.

Carmen Internet Radio Player Passes the 'Easy' Test
The Carmen Internet radio player for cars is a portable device which you attach to your computer to download Internet radio streams then playback in your vehicle. It comes with built-in software and a radio guide which gives the user access to thousands of AM/FM and Internet-only radio station programming.

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