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Radio Quickly Stealing Podcasting From the Original Podcasters

Dateline: 03/30/05


It began as a quirkly phenomenom among individuals who wanted to create their own radio shows for on-demand delivery to users of iPods and mp3 players.

But, Podcasting has quickly caught the eye of traditional broadcasters who want "in" on what appears to be a great way to reach new listeners or at least old listeners who somewhere along the way became disenfranchised. Now another company has jumped into the Podcasting fray.

Enter Loyal Ears, a media rewards company, which has announced the first independent podcasting platform that marries radio's huge audience penetration with the rapidly emerging download technology.

Coupled with Los Angeles based Bridge Ratings, Loyal Ears has designed a turn-key application that will use radio's reach of 285 million persons to facilitate free or revenue download podcasts for listener consumption.

Loyal Ears President Jimmy Risk remarked, "Clear Channel's entry last week into podcasting underscores the urgency for radio to connect beyond the dial. Fortunately our technology makes sure that Clear Channel stations won't be having all the fun. At low cost, we'll arm their competitors with everything they'll need to spread brand and revenue by podcast and beat them to the punch in most markets. Biggest is never fastest."

The technology provides radio stations with a platform for free podcasts with sponsorship opportunities or an on-demand model with download revenue.

Armed with monthly research from Bridge Ratings, Loyal Ears will also offer a highly valuable advisory service offering new and exciting ways to advance commercial podcast efforts. Loyal Ears will roll out their client stations in April 2005.

- Portions from a Loyal Ears News Release

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