1. Technology
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Dave Rabbit - Vietnam Pirate DJ - Rumor Control, Facts & Philosophies

Various Erroneous Myths & Misinformation Addressed


Dave Rabbit, Posing with his rifle

Dave Rabbit, Posing with his rifle

Photo Credit: Unknown. Reproduction Permission Granted
11. Where am I now? At 57 as of this writing, I ask myself that same question every morning when I look in the mirror. Seriously, here it is. Married, four kids ranging from 18 to 27, two grandkids, 5 dogs, 5 cats, self-employed. Never pursued my love of broadcasting but did do a lot of Master Of Ceremonies work during my early years. Fell in love with Scuba diving and became a certified Scuba Instructor. And yes, my language to this day would be considered COLORFUL.

12. Are there any more shows? Based on 35 years and only one show surfacing, my guess would be NO.

13. Finally, NO.... I am NOT..... HOWARD STERN'S FATHER or BROTHER! :)

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