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Dave Rabbit - Vietnam Pirate DJ - Rumor Control, Facts & Philosophies

Various Erroneous Myths & Misinformation Addressed


Dave Rabbit, Vietnam Pirate DJ

Dave Rabbit, Vietnam Pirate DJ

Photo Credit: Unknown. Reproduction Permission Granted.
This is a companion article to another article, Vietnam War Pirate DJ Dave Rabbit Has Finally Come Forward With His Story. To dispell rumors and other erroneous misinformation, once-and-for-all, Dave Rabbit has addressed various issues in his own words:

1. I was a 3-striper sergeant, not a CAPTAIN. An Officer? Not in my lifetime... no thanks!

2. I am not PAT SAJAK. Although I am willing to learn if I can have the money. If VANNA WHITE had been available at the time, we might have had a new "Nguyen".

3. I am definitely not ART BELL or ROBERT ABBETT; I am much better looking than both of them combined.

4. Although we did "promote" an anti-establishment society of free wheeling sex, drugs and rock & roll on the air, that was the "entertainment" aspect of it. We gave the troops in Vietnam what they wanted to hear, not what the military or the government wanted. Our intended message was and has always been for the troops to use their God given brains and talents, to think for themselves and not be a mindless puppet of the military conglomerate.

5. The phone numbers, extensions, APO mail box numbers, etc., of course were all bogus. I mean, we were not stupid and sure as hell were not going to give anyone any idea where we were. I am sure, however, there were a few troops who might have been trudging along the roadside when "Nguyen" was driving and stapled and glued $2.98 to a post card for a "Dave Rabbit Sweatshirt" and mailed it. I do know that the Tan Son Nhut post office received hundreds of letters and post cards that were sent to us. They, unfortunately, went where the "Letters to Santa" went. That would have been some interesting reading 35 years later. By the way, there was an extension 6969 at Tan Son Nhut. I do not recall who it was, but it was some officer's office extension. He was not pleased.

6. The photograph of the guy with the dark moustache on the "Vietnam Audio Documentary" On Vietnam Research.com, of course, is NOT me. I am short, but no damn midget.

7. As mentioned in my story, I left Vietnam in May 1971. One report has me staying after being discharged to do the show. That did not happen.

8. Our radio NAMES. Obviously, they were fake. "Nguyen" was created because we wanted to have a tie in with Vietnam and we wanted it to sound exotic and sexy. "Pete" created his own persona from something mid-western sounding. "Dave Rabbit" was a no brainer for me. In the 60's there was a DJ by the name of "Jimmy Rabbit". He became the unofficial manager of our band and was really a great guy. In fact, there was a time when I wanted to pursue that career because of him, but my fate led me in a different direction. "Rabbit", was homage to him. "Dave" was after a long time friend that I have known over 40 years. He has been kind enough to act as my "buffer" to the world. I did not want to have a bunch of "fans" or "enemies" marching up and down the front of my house carrying "Rabbit Power" signs while wearing homemade "Dave Rabbit Sweatshirts", stomping my wife's flowers to the Ground.

9. Some author, Lydia Fish, writing an article for college credit or thesis grade back in 2003 on a topic to do with "Pirate Radio" during the Vietnam era wrote this:

"The most famous of all the radio pirates, the legendary Dave Rabbit ("Radio First Termer, 69 on your radio dial") may in fact have been an elaborate hoax on the part of some AFVN radio technicians. Several tapes of broadcasts featuring hard rock and lots of talk about sex, drugs and the general incompetence of the military are still in wide circulation, but the quality of the recordings is suspiciously high for a station using improvised equipment."

With all due respect to "Ms." Fish, she obviously did not know AFVN. Secondly, our equipment was NOT improvised; it was TOP OF THE LINE stuff from the "Midnight Supply" company. Last, I want a COPY of her HIGH QUALITY recording she has access to. Everyone I have talked to on the websites have had to do a tremendous amount of audio Clean up work just to bring the quality level of the show recording to a DECENT LEVEL, much less a HIGH QUALITY one.

10. Where did the recording come from? I have had more fun reading all the speculation. Let's see, CIA, NSA, OSI, Security Police, SETI, Military Police, The Base Commander (just kidding), AFVN, then President Richard Nixon (it was found with the other White House tapes), X-Files or just some troop that was "missed" on the roadside by "Nguyen" on her way to work one day. Considering that I did not find out myself that it even existed until eleven years later, we will never know I guess.

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