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Pirate Radio For Listening And Broadcast

The ultimate alternative: Pirate Radio. Whether you want to listen or become a "Pirate" yourself, there are places on the Web to help you. You can explore the origins of Pirate Radio from the legendary English offshore "Radio Caroline" to today's LPFM bandits and web audio anarchists.

Vietnam War Pirate DJ Dave Rabbit Has Finally Come Forward
The story of Pirate DJ, Dave Rabbit, has circulated for years with few facts to go on. Rabbit, in the Air Force during U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, started a pirate radio station that became short-lived but legendary. Not much could be verified - until now. Rabbit has emerged to tell his story in his own words.

Dave Rabbit - Vietnam Pirate DJ - Rumor Control, Facts & Philosophies
This is a companion article to another article entitled, "Vietnam War Pirate DJ Dave Rabbit Has Finally Come Forward With His Story" - the true story of Vietnam Pirate DJ, Dave Rabbit. In this piece, to dispell rumors and other erroneous misinformation once-and-for-all, Dave Rabbit has addressed various rumors, myths, and misinformation that has been circulated about his Pirate Radio broadcasts.

Who Was Pirate Radio DJ Dave Rabbit?
During the end of the Vietnam War, a renegade Pirate DJ named Dave Rabbitt broadcasted to service men and women in South Vietnam playing "Acid Rock" music and espousing anti-war views. Exactly just who was this guy? Even today, it's still a mystery.

Snail mail addresses, Email addresses, Website and telephone numbers for Pirate Stations worldwide

The Free Radio Web Ring
"This is a ring for Free Radio web pages! Site can include Support for Free Radio, Free Radio Programs, Free Radio broadcasting, or anything pertaining to Free Radio, LPFM, Amateur and Microbroadcasting!"

Pirate Radio (software)
Inexpensive and easy to setup software that let's anyone begin broadcasting almost immediately with as little as a pc and dial-up connection.

The Free Radio Network
Features, chat, messages, Free Radio links, banner exchange, audio and more.

Pirate Radio Central Directory
Pirate Radio Central offers a directory of Pirate Radio Stations

How to be a Radio Pirate
There is plenty of help and advice on the Web for radio enthusiasts who are willing to step out from the mainstream.

The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame
Pirate Radio has a colorful past. Find out more!

Radio Caroline Air Checks and Audio
Radio Caroline was the original "Pirate" Radio Station which made legendary broadcasts offshore from England.

Free Radio Berkeley
Free Radio Berkeley was founded in 1993. It's purpose is to challenge the regulatory authority of the F.C.C.

This is a Radio discussion site. Just about everything is covered here from news to equipment.

Diymedia's Index of Free Radio Stations
A listing of Pirate stations for the U.S., U.K., Netherlands, Germany, Europe, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, New Zealand and more.

Peercast.org is a non-profit website that provides free peer-to-peer broadcasting software. "It offers anonymity for broadcasters because there is no easy way to trace back to the original stream..."

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