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Make Your Own Radio - Last.fm, Pandora, and other Customized Streams

The convergence of the Internet with music and computer technology has given listeners something more than just Internet radio: personalized Internet radio. Entities like Last.fm, Pandora, and other sites give you the ability to customize and personalize your listening experience.

Pandora Pleads for Royalty Relief - What's Fair?
The founder of Pandora, the customized Internet Radio portal, is reaching out and trying to drum up support for one of two different pieces of legislation that would modify current royalty payments for Internet Radio. Tim Westergren says it's not fair that Pandora has to pay one rate and an entity like SiriusXM has to pay a lesser rate for...

From Last.fm: What People Really Listened to in 2011
Before we wrap up the loose details from 2011, one more thing. Last.fm, the customized music service, just compiled a list of the most popular artists and bands based on the scrobbles of users. If you don't know what a scrobble is - or who the Top 10 artists were in the U.S., read on.

Spotify Looking to Conquer America with on-Demand Music, Sharing
In just three years Spotify became the second single largest source of digital music revenue for record labels in Europe. It's goal is to provide a convenient legal alternative for listeners and a fair deal for artists. Now, Spotify is bringing its 15 million song to America. Read more.

Clear Channel Radio vs. Pandora: Which is David, Which is Goliath?
There's a war about to heat up to compete for your attention: Clear Channel Radio's iHeartRadio mobile app wants to be your favorite choice for streaming audio from it's on-demand content libraries and 750+ radio stations. Pandora, Internet born and bred, has a lot of the listeners Clear Channel would like. Who will win? The traditional radio...

Radio.com Player Now Offers Ability to Create Your Own Radio Station
The Internet has redefined the reach of traditional radio and the amount of unique audio streams that are available to listeners. Now, the Radio.com player has increased its functionality by incorporating the technology of Last.fm to create customized radio stations. Read more.

Slacker to Offer Personalized ESPN Sports Coverage
Slacker, Inc. has partnered with ESPN to offer audio content on Slacker Personal Radio, giving listeners what the company says will be "...customizable content from the country's largest sports radio network." Read more.

Last.fm - Personalized and Customized Internet Radio Streams
Last.fm is one of the oldest Internet radio streams which pioneered the personalized and customized listening experience. Here are links to news and information on Last.fm.

You're the DJ on Last.fm
Last.fm is a streaming radio station with a revolutionary concept. The software that powers Last.fm learns its users' musical tastes and plays a personalized radio program to each listener.

Last.fm Offers New Features, Royalties for Unsigned Artists
Last.fm is making a big push to show users it is evolving. Now touting 5 million tracks, the service has been preparing for some time to release its new design and features.

Last.fm Offering Full-Length Tracks, Entire Albums for Free
Richard Jones, blogging at Last.fm writes: As of today, you can play full-length tracks and entire albums for free on the Last.fm website.

Last.fm Now Available on Logitech Squeezebox Network Music Systems
Last.fm is now available to U.S., U.K. and German users of Logitech Squeezebox network music systems.

Pros and Cons: Pandora Soon to be Gone in the UK?
Internet Webcasters who provide music streams have been struggling to reach a fair rate with representatives of the music industry.

Livio Radio Features Pandora and other Internet Radio Stations
The Livio Radio is a new stand-alone radio which has partnered with Pandora Internet Radio.

Make Your Own Radio Stations with MeeMix Internet Radio
MeeMix thinks of itself as an Internet community which offers members the ability to create and listen to personalized radio stations.

Streema: Radio Streams and Social Networking
If you're continually looking for a "better mousetrap" when it comes to finding online Internet radio stations, don't overlook Streema. Even though it's still in "Alpha", the team there are honing a slick interface that is very easy to use and efficient.

How do YOU listen to Internet Radio in Your Car?
How do YOU listen to Internet radio in your vehicle? Tell everyone about your solution - and maybe a few words on why it works for YOU.

Readers Respond: Which Radio Application Works Best with my Phone
Applications now make it fairly easy to receive Internet streams, traditional radio, and even satellite programming on your cell phone. Which application have you found the most success with?

11 Things and More You May Not Know About Pandora
You may use the Internet streaming service Pandora all the time in your browser or on your smartphone. You know you like it but, here are some things about Pandora you might now know about it!

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