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Broadcast Yourself: Create Webcasts, Podcasts and Low-Power FM

The Internet has made it possible for almost anyone to create their own web-based, online radio station or podcast. For a small investment, it is now possible to stream your own music or talk show to a global audience or create a podcast for them to automatically retrieve. For educational organizations and other qualifying groups, Low-Powered FM (LPFM) offers broadcasting options.
  1. Create Your Own Podcast (25)
  2. Create Your Own Radio Show (11)
  3. British Hospital Radio (13)
  4. Podcasting (66)
  5. Low Power FM Broadcasts (5)
  6. Syndicating Your Radio Show (7)
  7. Create Internet Radio (76)
  8. Pirate Radio (17)

How to Move Your Podcast or Internet Radio Show to AM, FM, or…
You do a Podcast or Internet Radio show and you're wondering where to go from there. How do you get your content to another platform like AM, FM, or Satellite Radio? Although there's no "magic bullet" I'm going to outline for you a plan - a blueprint - of sorts to do that.

5 Easy Ways to Leverage "Radio" for Your Website, Business, or Product
The perception of what "radio" is changing and that's why it's never been easier to use audio to market your website, business, or product. Whether the "radio" you're offering is real or not by definition, it doesn't much matter anymore. It's all "radio" if the person using it thinks its radio.

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