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Radio Software Apps for the iPhone

Listening to Your Favorite Radio Stations as Easy as Downloading an App


SIRIUS XM Radio iPhone Application

SIRIUS XM Radio iPhone Application

Photo Credit: © SIRIUS XM Radio
Software Apps - applications - now make it easy to receive Internet streams, traditional AM and FM radio, and even SIRIUS XM satellite programming on your iPhone.

iheartradio is an offering from Clear Channel Radio. It's an application for iPhones that features hundreds of Clear Channel radio stations from around the country in various genres. You can download the iheartradio for free.

Radio.com CBS Radio offers a mobile version of it's interactive Radio.com. The free app for iPhone devices allows the user to grab audio streams from from over 200 music, news, sports, and talk stations plus custom channels and offerings from AOL Radio and Yahoo! Music. For more information about CBS Radio's mobile applications or to download them, visit Radio.com.

Livio Car Internet Radio is an application for iPhone and iPod. Livio says this app features "...he very first interface designed for use in a vehicle and uses a 3G/Edge or Wi-Fi connection to stream over 42,000 AM/FM and internet radio stations." The Livio Car Internet Radio app is available on the App Store.

Slacker Radio offers an iPhone application which gives you access to the entire Slack music library (millions of songs). Slacker also offers over 100 programmed radio stations or you can create your own customized stations. The app is free to download from slacker.com.

SIRIUS XM Radio has announced the availability of a free iPhone application at the Apple App Store which will allow iPhone users receive SIRIUS XM's Satellite Radio channels through the company's expanded Internet content. The SIRIUS XM app is available for free from Apple's App Store on you iPhone or at the SIRIUS XM iPhone app page.

Radio Bondi FM - Zfm Country

Australian Broadcasting Media (ABM) has released 2 new iPhone Radio apps which need no credit card and no app store. Radio Bondi FM (Top 40 Dance) and Zfm Country (Australia's largest country music network) can now be heard in CD-quality by simply typing the stations' URL into your smart phone. Read more.

KCRW, a National Public radio affiliate associated with Santa Monica College in Southern California offers three different iPhone apps. The main KCRW app is designed for streaming the station's Internet radio. The second app connects users with videos, podcasts, and more. The third app is actually focused on "Good Food". Each will run you 99 cents at iTunes.

Public Radio Tuner allows owners of iPhones to listen to Public Radio through available Internet streams. It is a work in progress and continues to have good support. For more information and the app go to the Public Radio Tuner website.

TuneIn App - The TuneIn app by RadioTime helps end that frustration by enabling you to search for a specific artist or song airing in real-time on over 30,000 AM/FM and Internet-only stations. Available for $1.99 at the App Store.

PRI iPhone App - Public Radio International offers an iPhone app for users to receive programming. More information at this page set up by PRI.org.

Wunder Radio is an AM/FM and Internet radio tuner application for iPhone users which is a joint project between RadioTime and Weather Underground. It claims to be able to bring 60,000 sources of content to the iPhone. Wunder Radio is $6.99 at wunderradio.com has more information and purchase links. College Radio Tuner is designed to help users of iPhone and iPod Touch connect with college radio. It showcases the IBS Student Radio Network. This app is free an available from the iTunes Store.

AOL Radio for the iPhone and iPod Touch streams Internet Radio and offers a variety of cool options. Grab it at the iPhone App Store.

Yourmuze.fm promises: "You can listen to any live audio stream on your mobile phone using your phone's own media player...Listen in high-quality stereo on almost any phone with an internet connection." Find out more at the Yourmuze website.

Stitcher is a free cell phone "Smart Radio" application, available on a number of handsets, including the iPhone, Palm Pre and Blackberry. Visit www.stitcher.com.

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