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Radio Software Apps for Android Phones

Listening to Your Favorite Radio Stations as Easy as Downloading an App


Slacker Radio 2.0 for Android phones

Slacker Radio 2.0 for Android phones

Photo © Slacker, Inc.

Software Apps - applications - now make it easy to receive Internet streams, traditional AM and FM radio, and even SIRIUS XM satellite programming on your cell phone and Android phone. Here are a few of the more popular solutions.

iheartradio - Clear Channel Radio offers "iheartradio", an application for Android that features hundreds of Clear Channel radio stations from around the country in various genres. For more about iheartradio, visit this link.

Radio.com - This offering from CBS Radio features AOL Radio and Yahoo! Music stations to offer news, talk, sports and music, with more than 20 genres and 600 stations. Go to this link at Radio.com.

TuneIn App - The TuneIn app by RadioTime helps end that frustration by enabling you to search for a specific artist or song airing in real-time on over 30,000 AM/FM and Internet-only stations. This ad-supported app is available for free on the Android Market.

Slacker Personal Radio Mobile - If you own an Android, this app will let you stream Slacker radio stations on-the-go (whether your phone is connected to a wireless network or not). Slacker offers thousands of stations, some programmed by pros, others programmed by individual Slacker users. For more on this, go here.

Android Radio - Androidapps.com says: "This app allows you to collect to a good deal of radio stations directly from your Android phone and stream everything live." Find out more at the developer's website.

Android Online Radio - This app has a radio station database which is updated by the developer. You can search over 10,000 channels. Find out more about the latest release.

xiialive - (formerly DroidLive) - This application allows streaming of multiple audio formats and gives the user the ability to choose from the SHOUTcast directory. More information available from the official website.

SIRIUS XM - This free app brings over 120 channels to supported Android-powered smartphones using cellular and WiFi networks. 

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