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Radio Software Apps for iPhone, ipod Touch, BlackBerry, Android, and iPad

Listening to Your Favorite Radio Stations as Easy as Downloading an App


Software Apps - applications - now make it easy to receive Internet streams, traditional AM and FM radio, and even SIRIUS XM satellite programming on your cell phone and iPad. Here are a few of the more popular solutions.


There are a myriad of apps available for the iPhone which allow users to hear a mind-boggling amount of Internet and traditional radio stations. For a growing list of choices, visit this page devoted to iPhone radio apps.

iPod Touch

Fans of the iPod Touch will be happy to know there are specific apps created for radio listening. Many developers who create iPhone apps for this purpose also create iPod Touch-compatible apps, too. So, check the link above for iPhone apps. You can also check this page for specific applications for the iPod Touch.


The BlackBerry had to play catch-up with iPhone in order to offer a radio-oriented applications for listening to streaming Internet radio and other radio sources. But, that has quickly changed. To see offerings for radio apps go to this list of BlackBerry radio applications.


Android users also can pick from a growing list of software applications which make listening to radio as easy as installing an app. See what's available in radio apps for Android.


Software Apps - applications - are making it easy to receive Internet streams, traditional AM and FM radio, and other audio content on your iPad. The newer iPad tablet computer is somewhere in between a laptop and an iPhone but people seem to like it and welcome more applications that push its limits. As far as listening to radio, yeah they got an app for that - or two. Radio Software Apps for iPad.

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