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Motorola's iRadio Will Put Internet Radio Streams Into Your Cell Phone

Dateline: 02/15/04


Motorola, Inc. offered a select group of media and content industry insiders a sneak peak of the forthcoming Motorola iRadio(TM) Solution at the DEMO@15! conference in Scottsdale, AZ.

iRadio will mobilize hundreds of commercial-free Internet radio channels and incorporate a user's personal music collection to provide a listening experience for home, in the car, or on the go.

The service uses a high-speed Internet connection, Bluetooth(R) technology, and a mobile phone to offer listeners a continuous entertainment experience - you can start a song on your car radio at exactly the point where you stopped it on your living room stereo.

Planned for launch later this year, Motorola iRadio will provide Internet broadcasters with the ability to extend their services beyond the tether of the computer.

For music labels and producers, Motorola iRadio will offer a secure, direct way to reach consumers most interested in a specific recording artist or genre.

"I am really excited by how iRadio links the discovery of new music with the ability to purchase what you want when you want it," said Ted Cohen, senior vice president, digital development and distribution, EMI Music.

Motorola plans to provide more information about iRadio later this year when the service becomes available to consumers. "Digital entertainment should be accessible wherever the consumer wants it. With Motorola iRadio, consumers can enjoy a seamless, personal music experience as they move throughout their day," said Mike Gaumond, Motorola vice president and general manager, media solutions. "By working with industry leaders, we're providing the consumer with convenience, choice, and flexibility while still maintaining the security and quality of the digital content."

- From A Motorola News Release

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