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Pandora Radio is Personal on the nook color eReader

Not a Review, a Revelation


nook color eReader from Barnes & Noble

nook color eReader from Barnes & Noble

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A funny thing happened to me on my way to reading digital text. I rediscovered audio.

This past Christmas my wife surprised me with a nook color, the Barnes & Noble eReader. It's great for downloading and reading books and magazines but the real surprise for me was the Pandora app that's bundled with it.

I've long known about Pandora, the customizable audio service based on the Music Genome Project, which distilled tens of thousands of songs into a list of recognizable music attributes.

Simply put, you build your own stations with Pandora based on your input and Pandora's database of musical genes.

I've listened on-and-off to Pandora for years on my computer and was never really overly-impressed. Maybe it's because my computer is a distraction in itself or maybe it's because the version of Pandora I receive on my PC is the free version which comes with a few commercials here and there.

Freeing Yourself from PC-Based Internet Radio

But, now having listened to Pandora using ear buds through the Wi-Fi connection built into my nook color and commercial-free for several weeks, I have a new appreciation for the service.

With the nook color, most of my Pandora usage has been prior to going to sleep. It's so convenient to pop in my ear buds and select one of my customized stations. I hear exactly what I want to, with the constant ability to tweak the service with a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on what it selects for me.

Listening to Pandora away from my computer has become a real joy. And, even though my Blu ray player in my family room has a Pandora application built-in, it's still not as attractive. Maybe, the real reason I've finally fallen under Pandora's spell is because for me, listening to the music most personal is best done not on speakers, but in just my own head, when I'm most relaxed.

I used to be an occasional Pandora listener. But, now, thanks to the nook color, I'm a fan.

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