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Listening to Internet Radio in Vehicles Getting Easier

New Software and Hardware Bridging the Gap


Livio Car Internet Radio for the iPhone and iPod touch

Livio Car Internet Radio for the iPhone and iPod touch

Photo: Livio Radio
Livio Car Internet Radio App for iPhone

The Livio Car Internet Radio application for iPhone and iPod touch was introduced in May, 2010. Livio says this app features "...the very first interface designed for use in a vehicle and uses a 3G/Edge or Wi-Fi connection to stream over 42,000 AM/FM and internet radio stations."

The directory comes from a partnership with RadioTime and it's interesting to note that the brains behind this software is Jake Sigal, the CEO of Livio Radio, inventor of the USB turntable and a developer of XM car radios while employed at Delphi.

Features include large preset buttons for a driving environment, the ability to type a shortcut code to access a stream, search options, and a "listen in the background" feature which the iPhone cranks up another app.

The Livio Car Internet Radio app is available on the App Store for $4.99.

Livio Throws the DICE

DICE Electronics and Livio have also teamed up. "The DICE in-vehicle solution featuring the Livio Radio Car Internet Radio App requires the use of an iPhone or Android device. The phones' users control the...Livio Radio Car Internet Radio App, offering more than 45,000 AM/FM and Internet-only stations, from the factory-installed car stereo system, including any integrated steering wheel audio controls designed to increase ease of use and safety," according to a news release.

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