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MAGIX Announces Webradio Recorder to Record Streaming Audio

Dateline: 08/12/05


MAGIX Announces Webradio Recorder to Record Streaming Audio

MAGIX Webradio Recorder

MAGIX has announced MAGIX Webradio Recorder, which lets consumers record multiple radio shows and music, automatically name tracks, and burn them onto CD or DVD.

The software also allows you listen to earlier parts of the same radio show that you are in the process of recording.

MAGIX Webradio Recorder offers an international selection of 2,000 preset radio channels and the ability to instantly add any Internet radio station in the world.

MAGIX Webradio Recorder includes an active background recording cache which makes sure that each song is recorded from start to finish, even if the record button is pressed in the middle of the song.

The editing interface lets you correct and optimize your recordings. It fixes chopped-off beginnings and ends, removes interspersed radio commentary and any crackling noises. Recordings can be converted into all popular formats (OGG, MP3, WAV, and more), saved to mobile devices, or burned straight onto CD or DVD.

MAGIX Webradio Recorder is scheduled to be available in retail stores September 15, 2005 and online starting August 18th at www.magix.com.

MAGIX Webradio Recorder is priced at $29.99.

- Portions from a MAGIX Product Press Release

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