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Opinionated Talk Radio: Is it Fair to Require a Rebuttal?



Those Who Can't Argue Their Points Just Attack

I know that I will be attacked for writing this piece. I will receive hate mail from progressives, or liberals, or whatever label these people adhere to and some of it will be insulting and full of profanity. I know this from experience writing for Radio.about.com. Instead of well argued responses from some readers, I will instead receive some vindictive and childish emails which just underscore my point.

This campaign to resurrect the Fairness Doctrine on talk radio is so transparent, I’m embarrassed for the politicians behind it. It smacks of jealousy from some Democrats who simply want a political advantage from talk radio as we go into the 2008 elections - and their willingness to interfere with the natural balance of free speech to achieve that goal.

It should scare you - and I mean SCARE THE HELL OUT OF YOU - that some Americans are willing to trample on the free speech talk radio affords all of us because some disgruntled folks with agendas are not hearing enough of the free speech THEY LIKE. And if you think the issue comes down to anything other than that, you are being less than honest with yourself.

It’s one thing if a radio station is presenting issues in a talk forum designed to be a non-partisan informational program. This would require both sides to better enhance equal understanding.

But, it is quite another to point fingers at commentators from any political persuasion and insist that their opinions be matched by opposing opinions at all times.

Our country and it’s radio stations do not benefit when artificial controls are placed on the marketplace of ideas.

Congressman Mike Pence (R-Indiana) said it best this week: "In a free market, fairness should be determined based upon equal opportunity, not equal results."

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