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Radio Opinion Pieces and Analysis Articles by Corey Deitz

From time to time, About.com's Radio Guide, Corey Deitz, opines about what's good, bad, or just plain weird about the Radio Industry. With over 25 years on-the-air, his insights and analysis are fresh, humorous, truthful, non-hesitant, occasionally sad, sometimes irreverant, and always unabashed.

Radio Fails We Should Fix
As much as I love listening to radio and working in the radio industry, we don't always get everything right. Here are a few radio fails I wish we could fix.

Who Will Replace Rush Limbaugh on WABC?
Rush Limbaugh recently signed a new contract to broadcast his show on various radio stations owned by Cumulus Media. But, part of the deal will move him off WABC/New York (owned by Cumulus) to WOR/New York (owned by Clear Channel). The big question is who will replace Rush Limbaugh on WABC? Here's my choice.

Growing for Over a Decade: Sirius XM Satellite Radio
Sirius XM Satellite Radio is well over a decade strong and it's cast a wider shadow than just satellite subscribers. It branched out to streaming on the Internet a few years ago and phone apps make it easier than ever to subscribe. That's one reason why the service is now boasting over 25 million subscribers. Read more.

Will Radio Survive Competition of Digital Tech?
A friend asked me today if I thought commercial radio would survive in the future. What he really meant was did I think old school, clunky, traditional, over-the-air AM and FM would survive. I said "Yes." Here's why.

The Incredible Shrinking Radio Station
I was in the hallway after my morning show this morning talking to the Program Director. The conversation rambled along from one thing to another. Then he remarked, "Well, there are just six of us here during the day. There used to be 50." I survived the myriad of job losses around me over the past few years but it was so stark and noticeable...

Radio: One of America's Great Love Affairs
One of the great love affairs of all time is the relationship we have with Radio. It's a companion, an advisor, an entertainer, and more. It is always there for anyone who needs a companion or is lonely. It is there for the infirmed and even those in peril. Radio has many roles and in return, only asks a little of your time. Read more. (Opinion)

Deejays Don't Kill People, Random Variables Do
Remember the two Australian deejays who got caught up in a controversy after making a prank call to the British hospital where Kate Middleton was staying? The nurse who put the call through committed suicide a couple of days later after the story went viral. Now, the Crown Prosecution Service says it won't pursue manslaughter charges against the radio performers. I was actually surprised it was even being considered. Read more.

What Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About Radio
I was never much of a fan of Apple products or follower of Steve Jobs until I read Walter Isaacson's biography of the late tech guru. Radio could learn a lot from Steve Jobs who believed in ease, simplicity, and elegance in order to make the user experience the best it could be. Read more.

Rules and Laws About Politics and Radio Ads
As we move into the political season, you'll be hearing more and more campaign ads on the radio. You may not know this but the law requires radio stations to treat candidates in a certain way - and the law works on behalf of candidates as well. Read more.

Getting Fired: A Radio Host's Final Message
This was another tough week in Radio with many people losing their jobs in various companies. Often, when you're an air-personality, you don't get to do a final show. I missed the bullet this week, but one day it will be my turn. I thought while I can I would take time to tell listeners a few things they should know.

The State of the Radio Address: 2011
As we begin the second decade of the 2000s we are living in a world which lazily calls a lot of things "Radio" because new methodologies of content transmission resemble Radio. Purists may wince but the general public is not terribly bothered by this transgression because what the people want is the end result. They care very little how the...

Air America Failed Because the Capitalistic Marketplace Succeeds
The ultimate failure of the progressive radio network, Air America Media, demonstrates one very important tenet of capitalism: supply and demand in the open marketplace will decide the success of products and services. Read more.

Rootin’ Tootin’ Radio Shootin’: Radio Host Injures Wife and Dog with Gun
Radio is known to be a sanctuary for crazy people. Maybe it’s the business that makes us this way or maybe on-air personalities are at fault for making the business embarrassingly weird. Either way, that's no reason to hold a dog hostage and threaten to shoot him. Read more.

Radio Could Benefit from Some of its Former 'Toxic Assets'
As a long time observer and participant in commercial radio it struck me that as our banking system tries to shake off “toxic assets” and recover from a recession, Radio could actually benefit from a little more “toxic assets”. Let me explain.

Disrespected by Satellite Radio
Since XM first emerged in September, 2001, I have tried to be supportive. I was an investor at one point, I purchased expensive equipment, and I’ve been a subscriber for five years. I canceled my subscription Sunday morning. Here's why...

Reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine Would be an Attack on the Free Market
Lately, there’s a lot of talk coming from the left and right about "The Fairness Doctrine". It’s been gone since the Reagan administration but even before President Obama was elected, some Democrats began talking about bringing it back in some form. Any attempt would be nothing more than an attack on free market capitalism. Read why. (Opinion)

Ralph Nader Lambasts Limbaugh in Ridiculous Rant
Ralph Nader recently tore into Rush Limbaugh accusing the talk show host of making money at the expense of the American public by using public airwaves to pad his pocket. He thinks the conservative talk show host should pay some kind of "rent". Uh, Mr. Nader - do you have any idea how this commercial radio thing works? Read More. (Opinion)

Writing to the Radio God
As the story goes, some radio listener penned this email late one night to the Radio God and sent it to an address he found deep within some Radio-oriented website. The writer had a few suggestions, compliments, and gripes about Radio and felt it was time to reach out to a higher source. You can read that email now.

The Fix is in - and it Will Break Radio
The current economic downturn has begun to take its toll on Traditional Radio, AM and FM. Sadly, in many instances, local talent is once again being displaced by syndicated talent. But, what’s happening in many cases is a short-sighted financial fix which will have long-ranging implications. Read More. (Opinion)

Wanna Work in Radio? Get a Good Air Mattress
Sure, there are plenty of fun aspects to radio: you meet celebrities, you get freebies sometimes, folks recognize you on the street, you acquire a huge collection of T-shirts and ball caps with station logos, and occasionally you get to sleep on the floor of your office during the ice storm. Read more.

Flying Under the Radar at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention
I recently made a whirlwind trip to Austin, Texas to attend the National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Awards. The NAB is a trade organization which advocates on behalf of Radio and TV stations. You can be assured many of the members wear dark suits. I, on the other hand, wear ripped jeans and often have a day-and-a-half worth of growth on my face. How could we be compatible? Read more (Opinion)

Radio Leveraged the Video Star
There was a time when TV was audio and video and Radio was...well...just audio. It was a fact of life and television never missed an opportunity to point out what a stepchild Radio really was in the arena of competitive media. Not so anymore. Read more

XM Satellite Radio's Customer Service is Trying to Kill Me
I have high blood pressure. I need to stay calm because it's healthier for me. Stress and frustration raise my blood pressure. Earlier this week, I'm pretty sure XM Satellite Radio put a hit out on me. Maybe not intentionally, but by the time I was finished dealing with them, my blood pressure cuff was more inflated than the Snoopy balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. (Opinion)

"The Homeless Request Hour" and Other New Radio Promotions
Did you catch where “Dixon and Willoughby” from Orlando’s WHTQ-FM, traded a $100 dollar gas card for the naming rights to a newborn? That's right: Samantha Bailey and David Partin have agreed to name their new kid “Dixon Willoughby Partin" when he is born in December. If you think that's a cheap sellout, wait until you hear some of my ideas for future Radio promotions. Read more. (Opinion)

The Fairness Doctrine: Free Speech and the Radio Marketplace
For about 26 years between 1949 until 1985, Radio adhered to a government policy called "The Fairness Doctrine". After it was eliminated, conservative talk radio made a stunning rise in popularity, led by Rush Limbaugh. Now, some critics are calling for The Fairness Doctrine to be brought back. There's nothing "fair" about this relic of regulation and let me tell you why. (Opinion)

Breaking Up With Satellite Radio
Up until recently, I was a big proponent of Satellite Radio. But, something has changed in me. I'm a little frustrated with the equipment, the procedures, the future merger, and even the programming. That's why I've considered cancelling my subscription. Read more.

What Radio Might be Like 50 Years From Now
What will Radio be like 50 or more years from now? Technological advancements in nanotechnology and digital storage, transmission, and retrieval will completely redefine what Radio is. These will be radical changes - farfetched to some. (Opinion)

Radio, Where Art Thou? Why Radio has Become a Little Less Exciting
I've had a bit of writer's block lately and at first I thought it was me. But, now I realize the reason I haven't been very inspired to write about Radio is because Radio is in the doldrums. There's not much happening out there ever since the industry jettisoned some of its best talent. Read more.

7 Reasons Radio People Die Younger
I think Radio might be bad for your health - at least if you work in it. Maybe you never noticed but I have: on-air Radio performers seem to die younger than they should. I've narrowed it down to 7 reasons why I think this business kills it's stars prematurely. Read more.

"An Inconvenient Book" by Glenn Beck
I just finished reading Glenn Beck’s "An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems". It took me 3 months because my leisure reading is confined to the "private" time I spend in my bathroom each day. And, if you don’t mind that kind of direct honesty and candor, then you will very much enjoy Beck’s book.

Bob Grant's Real Award: The Support of His Radio Listeners
Longtime talk radio host, Bob Grant, was recently at the center of a controversy when a trade magazine first offered him a lifetime achievement award and then, suddenly withdrew it. Maybe this just proves that one medium's standing to make awards to another medium is at best, tenuous. Read more. (Opinion)

Opinionated Talk Radio: Is it Fair to Require a Rebuttal?
Some Democrats are getting behind a campaign to bring the "Fairness Doctrine" back to talk radio. They are suggesting it's not fair to hear only one side of an issue - even if it's being expressed as an opinion by a commentator. Should opinion be regulated by the government? Read more. (Opinion)

XM Satellite Radio Owes Opie & Anthony Fans an Apology - and a Backbone
Opie & Anthony weren't censored, they were censured by XM Satellite Radio and suspended to boot. But, look at XM's own words and you'll quickly see that their promise of "uncensored comedy" was a little bit too much for even their management to handle. Yet, the company had no problem promoting that slogan - or taking money from subscribers expecting it. Read more. (Opinion)

Why is Pay Radio Being Treated Differently from Pay TV?
Recently on the "Opie & Anthony Show" on XM Satellite Radio, a homeless man said he’d like to have violent sex with Condoleezza Rice, Queen Elizabeth, and Laura Bush. Some people were very offended and the hosts issued an apology. No doubt, it was pretty awful stuff. But the issue really is: what's the difference between Satellite Radio and pay-for premium cable channels? Nothing. So, why the furor? (Opinion)

The Don Imus Issue: Offensiveness is a Personal Perception
Don Imus has made a career out of being a satiric, acerbic, and politically incorrect entertainer. But, last week he ignited a firestorm after referring to the Rutgers women basketball team as "nappy-headed hos". Now, many are calling for him to be fired for making racist remarks. Has a line been crossed - or is it all a matter of opinion?

Webcasters Can Survive by Becoming King of Their Content
The Copyright Royalty Board recently announced new proposed rates for music streaming which will in effective, put many small webcasters and Internet radio station owners out of business. But, there is something these broadcasters can do to survive this obstacle - and it has to do with realizing that not all content is created equally. Read more. (Opinion)

A Satellite Radio Merger: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly
The proposed merger between XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio has some positive points, a few negative ones, and an ugly aspect, too. The services promise consolidation would mean more choices but less competition may mean higher prices. And what about the hardware issue? And that's just the beginning. (Opinion)

Radio Stations Kill People for You
The recent death of Jennifer Strange from water intoxication was brought on by her participation in a radio station contest which offered a Nintendo Wii to the person who could drink the most water without relieving them self. Who's to blame here? Management? The morning DJs? Jennifer Strange? That and more.

How Will We Define Radio in the Future?
Radio and what we perceive as "Radio" has changed and will continue to change. It is a metamorphosis brought on by new technologies spawning a "new media" which is competing against the "old media". AM and FM are no longer operating in a vacuum and what is not technically "Radio" today cold be the most dangerous threat to traditional Radio. Read more.

Radio Showdown: High Noon at Media Gulch
Yesterday, Clear Channel Radio – which owns close to 1200 radio stations - accepted an offer to take the company private while promising to sell off 448 of its properties in smaller markets. Radio companies are circling the wagons to protect their most important assets because New Media has finally cast a shadow of vulnerability over Old Media. It's a showdown and Old Media has been asked to "draw". Read more. (Opinion)

Site Visitors Sound Off on XM Commercials, HD Radio, and "Chipmunks"
Every once-in-a-while I like to give you an idea of the email being sent by site visitors. In this round of excerpted quotes, folks talk about commercials on XM music channels, HD Radio, and even "chipmunks". Read more...

Radio: It Used to be “A Job and a Party”
After almost 22 years on-the-air at Q94 in Richmond, Virginia, overnight DJ, Kirby Carmichael has been let go because of "budget cuts". Kirby says it used to be "a job and a party" but all that has changed because of the current mentality in Radio. Years ago, most radio stations had live staff 24-hours-a-day. Today, thousands of DJs and personalities have been replaced by voice-tracks and automation. How did this happen and why? Read more. (Opinion)

The Coming Devaluation of AM and FM Radio
One of the scenarios I see coming together is the devaluation of AM and FM radio stations as technologies like WiMax take hold and are combined with Internet Radio. WiMax will create broadband "hotspots" 30 miles in diameter. Imagine what that will do for getting Internet Radio into cars and other portable devices? And: imagine what that will do to the value of traditional AM and FM radio stations. Read more. (Opinion/Analysis)

Five Reasons Why the Government Should Privatize AM and FM Frequencies
I believe the U.S. government should privatize AM and FM radio frequencies. Doing so would promote more competitiveness, take the government out of the morality business, create more jobs, and even help pay down the national debt. Read more. (Opinion)

Down the Rabbit Hole: Welcome to Radio Backwards Land
In the wake of Howard Stern's departure to Satellite Radio, CBS Radio has made a series of bad decisions in its effort to replace Stern's star power and the income his program generated. Desperate people do desperate things - and so far it's as if we fell down a rabbit hole and wound up in a place where nothing makes much sense. Read my thoughts...(Opinion)

Whatever Happened to Hiring Real Radio People?
David Lee Roth is struggling to fill the shoes of the departed Howard Stern on 7 CBS Radio stations. After just a few months, ratings are disappointing and Roth is already under pressure from his bosses to fix things. Maybe a real Radio professional would have been a better choice. I have more to say... (Opinion)

Radio's Top 10 Resolutions for 2006
Whether you're a listener or a broadcaster, I think you'll find at least a couple thoughts on this list you agree with. Here now, The Top 10 Resolutions I’d like to see Radio follow through on in 2006.

The "Howard Stern - Infinity Broadcasting" Divorce Gets Uglier - and Stupider
Howard Stern was suspended from his radio show Tuesday of this week because his employer, Infinity Broadcasting, tired of him promoting his next job at SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Can't these guys just get along? (Commentary)

Will Howard Stern Be as Interesting Without the F.C.C.?
When Howard Stern moves to SIRIUS Satellite Radio on January 1, 2006, he won't have F.C.C. breathing down his neck anymore. Is this really a blessing or is there something about their rocky relationship which has contributed to his success? Read more.

Clear Channel Radio's CEO says Podcasts are "Painful"
In reference to podcasts, Mark Mays, CEO of Clear Channel Communications, recently said, "Have you listened to any of these podcasts? It is painful.” He also said, "Satellite radio is not going to replace radio in the near future." Let's talk about that. Read more.

Radio’s Dirty Little Promotion Secret
With the increased competition to AM and FM radio stations from new media like Satellite Radio, Webcasting, Podcasting, and more...traditional radio could sucker punch itself right back into more relevancy by redisoverying a basic principle of our business. Read more. (Opinion)

Radio Stations Don't Care About Listeners - Only Demographics
You devote yourself to a radio station, support its advertisers, go to its promotions and what happens? One day it just changes format without warning and you're wondering why? That's because you're not a listeners - you're a demographic. Sometimes, the wrong demographic. Read more. (Opinion)

President Bush: Fire the F.C.C. - And Here's Why
Now that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell has announced his resignation, it's time to fire the rest of the Commission - and here's why. Read more. (Opinion)

Radio Stations: How Come They Don’t Play My Request?
Doesn't it seem like you can almost never get your request played on the radio? Well, it's not you - it's them. Radio stations base their playlists on research and other factors. Read more.

How Can Every Station in Town Claim They’re #1?
A visitor to the Radio site at About.com wants to know how several radio stations in the same town can all claim to be "#1"? Well, it's sort of a numbers game and they all CAN be #1 - depending on how much you "slice up the pie" of listeners. Read the full explanation.

The Music You Enjoy On Your Favorite Radio Station Is Not Free
A visitor to the About.com Radio site wants to know "How do radio stations get the ability to broadcast music for free...and secondly, why is this so different from broadcasting files on the internet?" Well, it's not really free - and even Webcasters pay. Read Why.

Radio Ain’t What It Used To Be
What we used to think "radio" was is changing. Between Internet streaming audio, satellite channels, and downloadable radio programs for iPods and other audio devices, the old AMs and FMs ain't what they used to be - and never will be what they were again. Read more.

From Wolfman To Mancow
The recent anniversary of Wolfman Jack's birthday inspired a look back on Radio 40 years ago and Radio today. Some things have changed and some things are pleasantly the same.

Satellite Radio: The New Holy Land For Persecuted DJs?
The shoe has finally dropped. Yesterday, XM Satellite Radio announced that the long-silent and fomerly syndicated "bad boy" duo of Opie & Anthony have come aboard. Read more

How Come A Great Radio Company Can't Resurrect A Formerly Great Radio
After Infinity Broadcasting ditched Opie & Anthony (the only thing WNEW-FM had going for it) the programming Gurus came up with an expensive experiment called Blink 102.7. So far, it would appear to be a massive and expensive failure. Why can't this great Radio company fix this legendary Radio property?

Radio Is The Fountain Of Youth
Radio Is The Fountain Of Youth</a></b> Men have searched for the Fountain of Youth for centuries. Would it surprise you if I suggested it exists within your Radio? Read more.

More Nails in the Consolidation Coffin
Since 1996, deregulation and consolidation in the Radio industry has brought fewer and fewer choices to listeners. Now, there are even fewer jobs for radio people.

Radio Remotes: Showmanship vs. Technology
Radio stations have been doing remote broadcasts almost as long as it's been in our culture. There was a time when listeners could show up at a broadcast knowing they'd see a guy on the radio. Then the technology changed and got better - and the guy on the radio looked less like a guy on the radio and more like just some guy on a phone. Read more.

What the IRS Scandal Means to Radio Listeners
The current scandal where the Internal Revenue Service admits to targeting conservative groups for tax-exempt status directly affected radio listeners. Certainly, the IRS thwarted political discussion by slowing down applications. But, freedom of speech is a two-way street and it's not just the person or group who wants to say something that suffers an injustice. Read more. (Opinion)

The State of Traditional Radio Address 2014
As the President presents his State of the Union address, I have decided to do my State of Traditional Radio address. Of course, this is only my opinion.

The F.C.C. Almost Ate Your First Amendment Rights for Lunch

Why Radio Has Become Wary of Pranks and Stunts

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