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Nonotes.com Makes it Easy to Record and Transcribe Interviews for Podcasts

Takes Hassle Out of a Time Consuming Problem


NoNotes.com Logo

NoNotes.com Logo

Graphic: NoNotes.com
Paul Shangwe, a web copywriter and blogger, alerted me to NoNotes.com. He wrote: "I just came across this new service that records phone calls for free without the need for software download, or gadget to buy, it's completely web-based. You can check them out at www.nonotesvoice.com. I'm told they also transcribe calls. Very interesting!"

Well, it's true. Previously, I've written some articles on how to record phone calls using a gadget, your computer, etc. for podcasters who do interviews. But, NoNotes.com looks like the easiest solution yet. You simply call their toll-free number or use one of their mobile apps (iPhone, Torch, Android). Decide whether to record a call, record and transcribe a call, or record and transcribe dictation. Dial the number you're actually calling and conduct your business. After you hang up, NoNotes.com will notify you when your recording is ready.

You can sign up for a free account which will allow you to record up to 20 minutes each month, auto email the recording, and allow you to use the transcription feature if you need it on a fee basis. Other pricing options (Pay Per Use or Subscription) cater to your recording needs whether they are sporadic or regular.

NoNotes.com is certainly a good alternative option to third-party software recorders or electronic solutions.

NoNotes.com is only available in the U.S. and Canada at the moment.

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