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Online Tools and Software For Creating Podcast Feeds and Posts

You don't have to learn what RSS is or any code to create your own podcast. There are websites and software designed to help you assemble your podcast, host your files, and help distribute it. It's the easiest way to get your podcast out to the world. If you can click a mouse, you can create a podcast.
  1. Create With PodcastSPOTS

TinyVox Pro Records and Shares Your Audio Message for Podcasts
If you're looking for a very easy way to create a podcast and don't mind doing away with the whistles and bells, TinyVox Pro is a quick and easy way to put your voice out there and upload it to social networking sites. Read more.

Nonotes.com Makes it Easy to Record and Transcribe Interviews for Podcasts
NoNotes.com provides a web-based solution for recording your phone calls. If you're a podcaster, you can see the immediate value in having a third party record an interview. Plus, NoNotes.com will email you the audio once it's recorded and if you wish, you can have it transcribed for a fee. Read more.

TalkShoe Says It Will Pay You to Create Your Own Podcasts
TalkShoe is a website that allows anyone to become the host of their own Internet talk show. Uses include live talk shows, discussion groups, podcasts, conferences and friends and family chats. In addition, the website claims it's ready to pay you, too. Read more.

Potential Podcasters: Just Create The Audio And Leave The Coding to These Guys
If you're thinking of creating your own podcast but you're a little hesitant because even though you know how to create your audio, you're not too sure of that "RSS" stuff. Well, good news: MyRSSCreator.com takes the hassle out of the geeky part, leaving you to create that great radio show you've always wanted to share with the world. Read the review.

PodOmatic Brings Podcast Creation and More to the Masses
PodOmatic is a Podcasting portal which enables anyone to create, mix, host, search, share, and grab podcasts and mp3s. No experience or particular skills required, either!

BlogMatrix Introduces Free Browser-Based Solution For Podcasting
If you're itching to podcast but you still aren't quite up-to-speed on the technical end of it, good news: you don't have to be. BlogMatrix.com has introduced a browser-based solution which handles the geeky stuff automatically. Read more.

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