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Many Radio Add-Ons Available for Users of Firefox Browser

Streaming Online Audio at the Click of Your Mouse


(Since this article was first published, Firefox has moved almost all of the add-ons below into their "sandbox" which means they have been removed for public download from the Firefox site. Some of these extensions are still available offsite and the most recent links for those can be viewed here.)

If you are a user of the Firefox Browser and a radio fan, you may be missing out on some great radio freebies available which will enhance your browsing experience. Various third-party developers, hobbyists, and programmers have created a wealth of add-ons which put the world of streaming online radio as close as your mouse. Here are just some of the more useful ones you might consider installing and trying out:

Mojabosna Toolbar features easy access to 39 Bosnian radio stations.

Danmarks Radio comes pre-loaded with 30 Danish radio stations spanning a multitude of formats.

Australia-Radio Toolbar will bring you more than 100 online streaming radio stations from Australia.

Radio UK is loaded with more than 130 radio stations from the United Kingdom.

Deutschland Radio boasts more than 229 German radio stations you can tune in.

Sirius Player allows users to listen to SIRIUS Satellite Radio by providing a drop-down box in the Firefox browser.

Jazz Radio is an add-on which features over 100 jazz-formatted online radio stations.

Radio DE Toolbar brings users over 100 German radio stations in various formats.


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