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FM Radio - The Many Aspects of FM Radio

FM Radio in a Nutshell


FM Radio is a lot of things in a lot of ways. Here are just some aspects of FM Radio.

FM Radio - What exactly is FM Radio? Here's a definition.

The Inventor of FM Radio Was a Little Nuts - The man who invented FM Radio, Edwin Armstrong (1890–1954), had bizarre habits and lived a life that ended tragically. Read More.

The History of FM Radio - FM commercial radio has a rich history of service and entertainment and it still continues to provide a great service to millions of listeners. Find out more - History of FM Radio

A Virtual Tour of the Equipment Used For FM Radio - If you ever wondered what it looks like inside an FM radio station studio, here's a short virtual tour of a typical setup using photographs and featuring additional links to more in-depth information. Tour the FM Radio Station.

The Coming Devaluation of FM Radio - Business-wise, FM radio stations aren't worth what they used to be. Find out why. (Opinion)

Five Reasons Why the Government Should Privatize FM Radio - I believe the U.S. government should privatize FM radio frequencies. Doing so would promote more competitiveness, take the government out of the morality business, create more jobs, and even help pay down the national debt. Read more. (Opinion)

FM - the Movie - One of the best movies about FM Radio is "FM" which was released in 1978. It starred Michael Brandon, Jeff Dugan, Eileen Brennan, Cleavon Little, and Martin Mull. Read more.

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