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A Profile of Radio Personality Tom Leykis


A Profile of Radio Personality Tom Leykis
Personal: Born: August 1, 1956. Leykis has been married and divorced four times. He has no children.

Beginnings: Began his Radio career at age 14 when he won a contest from a Long Island radio station (WBAB) "Why I Want To Be On The Radio". This first-time gig led to a substitution role at the station. Leykis has worked at WPIX/New York, WBAI/New York, WQBK-AM/Albany, WNWS/Miami, KFYI-AM/Phoenix, KFI/Los Angeles, WRKO/Boston

Claim to Fame: One of the few, high profile liberal talk show hosts, though he's been called a Libertarian as well.

Syndication: Leykis began in syndication in 1994 from Los Angeles, his base, through Westwood One. In 1997, Leykis moved to KLSX/Los Angeles which became his flagship station and eventual syndicator. But, in February, 2009, KLSX flipped formats and Leykis found himself soon off-the-air and prohibited from doing his show until his contract ended.

While off the traditional radio airwaves, Leykis developed a network of podcasts covering various subjects.

On April 1, 2012, Leykis launched a new version of his program (afternoon drive, Los Angeles time) designed to stream across the Internet to computers, streaming-enabled devices, and various smart phones with apps designed to receive streaming audio.

Online: Visit Tom Leykis at www.blowmeuptom.com.

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