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A Profile of Radio Personality Terry Gross


Terry Gross, Radio Personality

Terry Gross, Radio Personality

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Beginnings: Terry Gross received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the State University of New York in Buffalo. She began her career in 1973 at at WBFO in Buffalo. In 1975 she joined WHYY in Philadelphia where she became a producer and program host.

Syndication: She is still at WHYY and today, is host of "Fresh Air", a one-hour interview program aired on over 200 public radio stations. It began national syndication in 1985 and her weekly audience totals about 2,000,000 listeners.

Awards: Terry Gross has earned a Peabody Award and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Award for "Best Live Radio Program."

Online: Visit Terry Gross at www.npr.org.

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