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A Profile of Radio Personality John A. Gambling


John A. Gambling, Radio Personality

John A. Gambling, Radio Personality

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Personal: After college at Dartmouth, John A. Gambling worked as a production assistant for his father, John B. Gambling. John A. Gambling died January 8, 2004 at age 73 of heart failure.

Radio: John A. Gambling worked at WOR-AM, New York from 1959 until 1991 when he retired. He succeeded his father, John B. Gambling, who began the "Rambling with Gambling" show in 1925.

(When John A. retired, John R. Gambling took over until 2000 when "Rambling with Gambling" ended its run. John R. Gambling went to WABC-AM but returned to WOR-AM in May, 2008 as "The John Gambling Show")

Claim to Fame: The "Gambling" show holds the record for "world's longest-running radio show" in the Guinness Book of World Records

Awards: In 2000, John A. Gambling was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame.

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