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A Profile of Radio Personality Greaseman


Greaseman, Radio Personality

Greaseman, Radio Personality

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Personal: Greaseman, whose real name is Doug Tracht, was born in Bronx, New York on August 1, 1950. Divorced from Marie.

He attended DeWitt Clinton High School and then Ithaca College where he majored in Broadcasting.

Radio: He did some work at WTKO-AM and WENE-AM (now WMRV-AM) in Ithaca during college and afterwards, went to work for WAXC, Rochester, New York until 1973.

Oddly, Greaseman worked at WKBW-AM 1520 (now WWKB)in Buffalo, New York for one night in 1973 and later that year wound up at WRC-AM in Washington D.C. from April, 1973 until January, 1974.

Then next month, February, 1974, Greaseman moved to WPOP-AM in Hartford, Connecticut where he stayed until June, 1975.

A short 4-day stint occurred at WKYS-FM, Washington, D.C. and then he moved to WAPE-AM in Jacksonville, Florida where he began to make his name from August, 1975 to July, 1982.

He then left for WWDC-FM in Washington, D.C. where he worked from August of 1982 until January, 1993.

From January, 1993 until January, 1998 he was syndicated while he worked concurrenly beginning in 1997 until February, 1999 at WARW-FM, Washington, D.C.

As of this writing, Greaseman can be heard on Rock 105/Jacksonville, via the Internet, and by Podcast.

Name Claim: Greaseman got his name in college when a fellow student at the college radio station referred to Tracht's on-air performance at "cooking with grease". It stuck.

Claim to Fame: a string of Radio stunts including his supposed run for President in 1984.

Online: Visit Greaseman online at www.greaseman.org.

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