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A Profile of Radio Personality Delilah


Delilah, Syndicated Radio Personality

Delilah, Syndicated Radio Personality

Screenshot: www.delilah.com
Beginnings: Delilah's radio career began in her hometown of Reedsport, Oregon. She won a speaking contest in school and owners of the local radio station were so impressed they gave her a job as the school news reporter.

Delilah later hosted shows in Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia and Rochester before the nationally syndicated version on the air today.

Syndication: Delilah's romantic evening show now reaches about 7 million people in over 200 Radio markets.

Claim to Fame: "...more women listen to Delilah each evening than to any other radio host in the United States." (Delilah website)

Online: Visit Delilah's website at www.delilah.com.

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