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A Profile of Radio Personality David Lawrence


A Profile of Radio Personality David Lawrence

David Lawrence

Beginnings/Experience: Lawrence has been on radio for nearly 30 years as a top rated air personality on stations like WMAL, WMZQ and WRQX/Washington DC, WGAR, WGCL, and WDMT/Cleveland, KC101/New Haven, WTAE/Pittsburgh and WNCI and WLVQ/Columbus.

He is a founding member and was executive producer of the legendary radio comedy ensemble, the American Comedy Network.

On-Air/Syndication: David Lawrence is the host of "The David Lawrence Show" and "Online Tonight" which both revolves around pop culture and the high-tech lifestyle.

His shows are heard on AM and FM stations across the country.

Acting: Lawrence is also an actor as has appeared on NBC's "Heroes", CBS's "The Unit", "CSI", and "Frank TV" on TBS among others.

Odd Claim to Fame: He was the voice of America Online's customer service lines, as well as the voice of over 1500 other interactive voice response telephone systems. Lawrence's voice is one of the most often heard voices in the world.

Online: Visit The David Lawrence Show at www.thedavidlawrenceshow.com.

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