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A Profile of Radio Personality Todd Pettengill


Todd Pettengill, Radio Personality

Todd Pettengill, Radio Personality

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Beginnings: At age 13, Todd Pettengill was working at all three Radio stations in Amsterdam, New York. He spent six years at WPTR and WFLY in Albany then on to WIOQ-FM in Philadelphia.

In 1991, Pettengill was hired at WPLJ-FM, New York where he joined Scott Shannon as co-host of the morning show.

Awards: Billboard Magazine's "Air Personality of the Year" three times. Also: Executive Producer of the nationally syndicated Satellite Comedy Network.

Claim to Fame: Hosted two internationally syndicated TV shows for the World Wrestling Federation for six years AND appeared on the soap opera "Another World" as "Sam the Man" Malone. The show was canceled shortly after.

Online: Visit Todd Pettengill at www.plj.com

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